Why Was Tucker Carlson Fired?

Tucker Carlson was the only reason to watch Fox News in my opinion, and he had the most watched news show on TV for a reason.

Whether you completely trust him or not, he was undoubtedly the most anti establishment voice of truth on the mainstream media, or it seemed mostly true, which is a huge improvement on most corporate news.

From what I can tell, the reason he was fired was due to the court case with Dominion, which lost Fox News almost 800 million dollars.

There was apparently private text messages which surfaced in which he made it clear he had negative feelings about the network, because there was clearly pressure on him to tow the line of Fox News’s standard conservative propaganda.

In his final shows, he compared the vaccine to My Pillow, and asked viewers to think how they would feel if he kept selling pillows that caused myocarditis, and it may have been a little too much truth for corporate news.

He called Democrats truffle pigs, sniffing out power, censoring any opposition voices, and it’s clear he was opposition, even to the Republicans.

He gave a great speech at the Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala where he called what they’re doing ritual child sacrifice, and pure evil. I can’t say I disagree with most things he says.

I have talked about how there’s a lot of suspicion of virtually everyone in the media especially, and also the alternative media, but if he had ulterior motives, I can’t see what they are, and what he’s saying needed to be said.

When you get as popular as Tucker Carlson, you don’t need Fox News, they need you, and he will get millions of viewers again, as soon as he decides where his next show will be.

Hopefully the bulk of what he was doing can be repeated with a different team, and as for Fox News, I wasn’t watching anyone else on that network, so they’ll probably be taking a dive in the ratings.

On the same day, Don Lemon got fired from CNN, and I would be celebrating that, but it kind of took a back seat to the main news about Tucker.

Corporate news is on the way out, and it’s a well deserved demise for the most part, but they won’t stop trying to control the narrative and spread propaganda, so watch out for the same kind of people with a podcast.

They replaced him on the Fox News lineup with Brian Kilmeade, but they’re going to have to try a bit harder than that if they want to replace Tucker Carlson, but he’s kind of hard to replace, if you ask me.

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