The Cult Of Trump

I don’t think many have a clue just how insane these people are, on both sides, and especially on the conservative Christian side.

I’ll try to explain it for you, although there’s a lot to it, and it’s quite complicated, with many different factions, or many different psychological operations.

Millions of Trump followers actually believe he is literally the messiah, like General Flynn is promoting Q prophets who say they were told by God that Trump is the messiah who will save the world from the new world order.

First, I have to explain the factions of Jews who are basically behind the two different sides.

There are the Satanic Jews, the Sabbatean Frankists, or whatever their new incarnation is called, and there are a few different groups.

They want to end all rules and laws, because they like having sex with kids, taking drugs, experimenting with transgenderism and transhumanism, or whatever.

They have a lot of power, they are by no means a small group, and you can see by the rainbow flags flying around the world, they mean business, which just so happens to be good for business for big pharma and other corporations.

It’s also good for the purposes of depopulation, which is a primary objective of the United Nation’s sustainability goals, hence why you see them saying they want to remove laws concerning consentual sex with minors and taking drugs.

The other faction is the Chabad Lubavitch Jews, or they’re the most powerful sect politically. One of the rebbes said gentiles are completely evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

They want to impose seven Noahide laws that would make it illegal to worship any other god but the one true god of Israel, with the punishment being decapitation for idol worship, such as saying that Jesus is God.

This would sentence six billion people to death by decapitation, just in the first law, and then there’s six other ones, and this is what many rabbis with large followings are saying themselves.

Dennis Prager is saying that he wants the USA to impose Noahide laws, it’s what Trump’s former doctor Vladimir Zelenko was saying, even mentioning the decapitation on Infowars.

So the choice, (if you follow these insane cults of the chosen ones), is between Satanic pedophiles and the death of almost everyone on earth, unless they completely bow down to the Jews and be their slaves.

When I say it’s the Jews, I mean basically everything, and they admit it, like they were behind Marxism, environmentalism, transgenderism, Satanism, Christianity, Islam, pretty much all of it, except maybe Buddhism, although that’s kind of been incorporated as part of their philosophies as well.

The ridiculous mentality they’re trying to push is that you’re either one or the other, you worship God or Satan, and it’s just bizarre, insane, barbaric nonsense.

I sometimes call the universe God, because it’s literally everything, that’s the definition of the word, but I didn’t fall for the god of Israel and Christianity at five years old, and it just got more and more stupid the more I learned.

I don’t want to be ruled by anyone who has any of this crap in their mind in any way, shape or form. It’s insane, and the least insane of all these cults is actually Atheistic Satanism, depending on how insane that particular person is.

If I had to choose, I would say maybe sex and drug laws are too harsh, the war on drugs didn’t solve anything, it just made it worse with the black market.

Having said that, both the left and the right sides of these extremist cult ideologies are so toxic, if either of them are allowed to take power, it will probably destroy the world completely because any idea taken in a fundamentalist way will end badly, and it’s the fundamentalists who are trying to take over the world.

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One thought on “The Cult Of Trump

  1. The whole thing is so mixed up it’s hard to know what to believe any more. World in such a state of information. Which is the right information. There’s obviously something evil going on with those largely faceless ones but who is combatting them. Is there anyone?

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