The Cycle Of Propaganda Outlets

I’m starting to notice a pattern in the media, and it hasn’t completely played out in all the news corporations, but it’s starting to in many of them.

They might start out as a grass roots, anti establishment alternative media platform, like Vice News almost seemed to be when it started.

It had a cool young vibe, it was kind of edgy, seemed like it was made for rebellious teens, or something.

Then, it got bought out by various different investors, received pressure from the CIA or the military industrial complex, or somebody got to them, that’s for sure.

Maybe they had some dirt on the owner, or maybe he was a plant from the start, but they turned into worse propaganda than MSNBC, and when people saw that, their viewers declined dramatically.

MSNBC is so bad because they’re literally owned by one of the largest military contractors to the US government, General Electric, or they used to be, and if they aren’t anymore, then it’s the same people who own them, Blackrock and Vanguard.

Blackrock and Vanguard own a majority share in almost every corporation in the world, particularly the most important ones. It’s suggested they may own literally everything in five years, which was in an article written in 2017.

The investors in Blackrock and Vanguard aren’t listed, but it’s fairly well known who the only people rich enough to be owning everything in the world are, and it’s the old Jewish banking families.

Why are they the only people who could possibly own and control the majority of everything in the world?

Well, they had almost all the gold in the world in vaults that they stored for people, and gave them notes denoting the value of their stored gold which could be carried around instead of the gold and which eventually replaced it.

They then realized after a while that nobody ever came for the vast majority of the gold, so they made more notes than there was actual gold.

Then they replaced the gold with copper coated in gold and sold the real gold, and then they made fiat currency that wasn’t even backed by the gold.

They turned almost all the money in the world into more money than there was in the banks they owned, and then they took over all the other banks and did basically the same thing there.

They have all the money because for some reason, they were allowed to get away with making money out of thin air. They’re legal criminals, the largest criminals in the world.

They then did all sorts of nefarious things with the money as well, like starting wars for weapons profits.

At this point they have so much of it, they can no longer be primarily interested in money, because there’s no longer any reason for them to worry about money.

They still have to make an attempt to appear like they’re not criminals by making propaganda that supports their puppet regimes, like the US government, but it never really works, because too many people know.

So what you have is a cycle where a media organization appears as truth tellers, speaking truth to power, and sometimes they have good intentions and are legit, but they’re in immediate danger if they are.

Other times, the intelligence agencies create the alternative media group as a limited hangout, because the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.

They arrest journalists like Julian Assange, others are cut into pieces like Khashoggi, or shot in the face and called a suicide like Gary Webb, but it seems that their new plan is to pretend to be the alternative media, as much as they can.

This makes it incredibly hard to work out who is telling the truth, who is getting paid by the Jews, and if there are Jews like Aaron Maté who are actually trying to do good journalism.

Biden just spoke at the white house correspondents meeting where a “journalist” was given an award for a Washington Post article called James Biden — presidential brother, family helper, political wild card.

It basically whitewashes the Hunter Biden laptop and makes it appear to be something other than what it is, a revelation of the absolute criminality of the Biden family including multiple photos of very young girls with a naked Hunter and him selling his father’s political influence to anyone in the world.

“Hunter, we are cut from the same cloth,” James Biden wrote. “… You are a fine and yes, a gentle person. Believe it or not, I know you. Sounds corny, but we both deserve to enjoy the moment.”

“Concentrate on the good in our lives and try to step out of all the bullshit you deal with on a minute to minute basis.”

These are people who are currently blowing men, women and children into pieces in more than half a dozen different countries as we speak, for no other reason than the profits of the people who own them, who already own almost everything.

Matter of fact, I don’t even think they’re doing it for the money, I think the primary objective is killing as many people as possible, to save resources, or maybe they even believe the climate change rhetoric about Co2.

So the press, the establishment operation Mockingbird press and even the worst of the alternative media, are manufacturing consent for the mass murder of millions of people, by giving every excuse under the sun.

It’s possible they don’t even know that’s what they’re doing. It’s possible they believe the brainwashing they were themselves bombarded with from the day they were born.

To me, it doesn’t change what they’re doing if they believe their own lies. They are on team genocide, and perhaps the most guilty, because if the media didn’t continue to brainwash the troops, the troops wouldn’t be mass murdering for the bankers.

The argument is always that some other country would be doing it if not the USA, if they even acknowledge that they are doing it, but take the Ukraine war, for example.

If not for US involvement, it would not be happening, it would have ended a long time ago in a peace deal and both Zelensky and Putin have indicated they would do that if not for the NATO pressure.

You could argue that the Jewish banker money could make any other country as powerful as the USA at the drop of a hat, but not if the people with all the weapons didn’t let that happen.

It is only because the USA allows these criminal banker scum to tell them what to do because their leaders got grafted into their criminal gang and blackmailed with child sex that they are allowed to get away with it.

If you replaced the corrupt criminals in the US government with good people who weren’t beholden to the bankers, that would pretty much fix the whole thing, or it’s possible it could anyway.

How would the people get rid of these mass murdering criminals, if they couldn’t vote them out, or even tell the truth online?

Well, how would they do a regime change? We came, we saw, he died. Ha ha ha.

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