The Influence Of The Jews

When I came up with the name of this site, The Fascist New World Order, I didn’t really know the history of fascism and communism, and I didn’t know a single thing about the power of the Jews.

Due to being programmed by what I now realize is the Jewish media my whole life, I had never even heard the idea that it was the Jews who run the media, give the most funding to political parties, own most of the banks, etc.

If I had heard the idea, it was presented as Nazi propaganda, and completely irrational, like an evil Nazi in a movie calling Jews rats and trying to find a poor family hiding under the floorboards, but they never said why.

The short answer to that is that many of those Jews were communists. Communism was spreading across Europe, and they were pushing cultural marxism from the Frankfurt school, an effort to destroy the family, the culture and religion of the people so they could takeover more easily.

The longer answer is there are theories that Hitler was actually working for the Rothschilds, or was himself a Jew, that he signed an agreement to transfer the Jews to Israel, and they didn’t want to go, so he forced them to go, but it’s not exactly a proven theory that Hitler was a Jew, or a Freemason, and there are many different theories.

I just watched a video by Redacted where they said these are the facts, there were extermination camps where millions of Jews were gassed to death and they appeared to cut it off early because so many people were commenting in the chat that they were work camps, zyklon b kills lice, the ovens were to bake bread, and stuff like that.

I ended up leaving a comment by avoiding all keyword phrases related to the actual truth, which would get the comment removed by AI, which is how much censorship Youtube actually has. Here’s what I said.

Let’s see if I can say what actually happened without saying a keyword related to the truth. A genie offered a guy the ability to make a wish, and he said I wish the holocaust had never happened. The genie said it is done. The man said nothing changed. The genie was like exactly.

I wonder if these Jews at Youtube realize that millions know the truth, and they know that the censorship of the truth is only done when there’s so much proof that the truth is the truth that they have to censor the truth, and not when it’s a lie with no evidence at all.

That makes sense, doesn’t it? If you say the earth is flat, evolution isn’t real, or men are actually women, they let you comment as much as you like about that, even though there are potential harms from getting things like that wrong.

Many people believe these things, but because it doesn’t challenge the power or money of the Jews or their puppet regimes, or because it might make them money, they don’t bother to censor that. It’s only when it’s the easily provable truth, and it hurts their interests, that they will try to shut it down.

This gives them a justified reputation for being evil lying weasels, because there were no gas chambers, there was no dramatic reduction in the number of Jews in the world, and if anything the Jewish bankers were and are the most guilty of crimes against humanity of any group that have ever existed.

Many would say that there are bad people in any race, and that’s true, but what they did through their control of the media, religion, politics and education was spread lies and propaganda that made people who thought they were good, actually on the side of evil.

Number one example, most people in America support the troops, call them heroes, say they were fighting for their country, when what they were actually doing was mass murdering millions of innocent people for the profits of the bankers, at the expense of the American people.

Let me say that again, so the brainwashing might start to dissipate, because I know you were brainwashed from birth about it.

They are mass murderers, like a lunatic with an AK 47 who goes into a school and randomly mows down the students, but with less justification than that, and times a million, with a negative result for the people they thought they were fighting for.

Why is it a negative result? Because the bankers like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackrock and Vanguard, they invest in countries around the world, and they’re giving them trillions of dollars while getting trillions of dollars in debt to them, to play the lottery of the intentions of globalist Jews.

The intentions of which are now incredibly obvious. They want you to own nothing and be happy, eat bugs, stop using cars, live in smart cities, have your spending controlled by central bank digital currencies and have zero freedom of speech.

What they were fighting for, was to bankrupt America and give all that money to people who hate them instead of to build houses for the homeless, which could have been achieved with a fraction of a year’s military budget.

Sure, you need an army for defense, but only because other countries have armies, mostly to defend themselves from America, or to fight with America. If you took out the profit motive of the bankers, (or the genocide motive), none of it makes any sense and it’s the most horrific crime in the world.

Making this situation worse is that Christians are apologists for the Jews, they view them as God’s chosen people, and even those who appear to be fighting the globalist new world order like Alex Jones, are are often total zionist shills as well as being intelligence operations.

The Christians aren’t the opposition, they are the enemy, or they might believe they are the good guys, but due to the way the Jews wrote the Christian religion, they are going to sell you down the river in much the same way, and already have.

It’s like a suicide cult, in fact four out of ten Americans believe that this is the literal end of days, and any minute the king of the Jews will come riding on a white horse and smite all their enemies, when their main enemies are the Jews, or the Jewish leadership anyway.

It’s mind blowing, the ridiculous stupidity of it all, and the way they set up the duality of this theology, if you aren’t a Christian then you’re a Satanist, and that is of course the reason there are so many actual Satanists.

It is the brutal hypocritical crimes of crony capitalism that is the reason there are so many communists, and it’s the sheer stupidity of Christianity that is the reason there are so many Satanists.

The communist Satanists are at the moment standing on subway tracks to protest the accidental self defense killing of a homeless crack head.

He had been arrested over forty times for such things as punching an old woman in the face, breaking her nose, and trying to kidnap a 7 year old girl, and they’re saying they’re going to burn down New York if they don’t arrest the guy who accidentally killed the convicted violent felon in self defense. They’re insane on that side as well, obviously.

It’s almost as though there’s a bunch of evil Jews sitting around laughing at how utterly insane they were able to make these stupid goyim act, against their own interest.

The people who own the media, the people in the media, they are responsible, and they should be held responsible for these crimes, which at this point add up to hundreds of millions killed over time.

Thing is, their evil lies started so long ago, and are so widespread, it’s like an inoperable cancer of the mind for all of humanity.

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