Jews Have The Power To Change The World

This video from the World Jewish Congress starts with a woman saying, I am Jewish and proud because Jews have always done what’s right.

Let’s just start with that, if I made a video for the World White Congress that said I am white and proud because white people have always done what’s right, I would get mocked, smeared and censored on most platforms at the very least.

After that delusional Jewish supremacist intro, she then lays out all the ways that the Jews have influenced the “civil rights” movement, and she does indeed seem to suggest that it was Jews behind the whole thing.

Gay rights, minority rights, feminism, trans activism, communism, that’s all them, and they admit it was, at least they do if you agree that it was a good thing and most people actually do, because they can’t see the big picture.

If I was to say that feminism broke up the family home which provably led to increased drug use and crime, prostitution, porn and degeneracy, and now literal walking dead on the streets, a zombie apocalypse, they would of course deny all responsibility.

If I said that it is now leading to a birth gap so bad it will probably bankrupt every country in the world due to the ratio of old to young, then they would say it was antisemitic to say it was the Jews that did it, which they did, and they admitted they did.

These people are liars, and they’re evil. The consequences of these broad reaching societal changes were immediately obvious and catastrophic.

If they thought they had good intentions, then they were wrong, and they won’t ever admit they were wrong, they will only double down and do even worse, but I don’t believe they even think they were doing the right thing.

I think it was a plot to destroy us, because if you have a look at how Israel handles immigration, race mixing, or even feminism, it’s entirely different to what they promote in the west.

Much like how China programs Tik Tok to display mentally ill transgender weirdos more prominently than anything else, while pushing math and science lessons to the children in China, that’s how the Jews push progressive policies on the West.

It’s an attack, it’s an obvious attack, they wrote it down about a hundred years ago, things like the kalergi plan, and it’s about time people woke up to it and did something about it.

The American government won’t let their politicians use Tik Tok, and they should actually ban the bible as well, because that was a far more subversive theological and ideological attack.

You see, it’s not even worth trying to ban dual citizens of the USA and Israel from congress, because the zionist Christians, (shabbos goy), are more thoroughly mind controlled slaves of the Jews than the Jews themselves.

They took over so long ago through Christianity, they have Americans believing that the primary weapon of a foreign power seeking to destroy them is the primary part of their own identity that must be preserved, on the right as well as the left.

I mean, you could say that all of this modern progressive stuff like feminism has nothing to do with the bible or the Torah, and might even be viewed as Satanism, but the book was obviously written by Jews, and it puts them on a pedestal and justifies their status as the chosen ones.

Modern Christianity has changed along with the culture. It’s unrecognizable compared to what it used to be, and is now almost completely captured, if there was ever a time that it wasn’t.

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For example, Martin Luther wrote a book called On The Jews And Their Lies, which I haven’t read, but I assume it talks about the Jews, and their lies.

He obviously didn’t think hard enough about it to conceive of the idea that the book he believed in, (written by the Jews), was also one of their lies, but at least he had some kind of awareness.

Hitler and the Nazis were of course the turning point where antisemitism was demonized to the point of being an unforgivable crime, and if you ask me, they planned the whole thing for exactly that reason.

I can’t remember where I heard it, but there’s some Jewish prophecy about three world wars and how it would play out, leading to the Jews ruling the world, which they already pretty much do.

They make these prophecies come true, like the number six million was a prophecy, and if it didn’t come true, they’ll just say it came true, and fight you to the death if you question it.

The Jews are the Jews, and they have their goals, the entire world subjugated as Noahide slaves, and much as I don’t agree with it, at all, that’s kind of their right to believe in their primitive religion.

If non Jews want to sell out their own people to be enslaved by these brutal genocidal psychopaths, then I would argue that’s actually a worse crime, tantamount to treason.

Much like the branch covidians, it’s sad their weak minds were brainwashed by this sick evil cult, but if they don’t stop doing that, and forcing their insanity on us, then we have to stop them, and that’s where the rubber meets the road.

Motivation is not important, and I’m past trying to convince them about such things as poison shots and other tyrannical government policies. If they support it, they are the enemy.

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