Canned food is obviously an essential item to stock up on.

I’m not trying to scare people, but there’s been a lot of that going on lately, and mostly from mainstream sources, from the government itself.

This isn’t something that’s even fringe anymore, prepping is just what people were told to do, and I had to do it myself to some extent.

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What matters is you have what you need to survive because you may need it, in fact you almost certainly will need most of these things so it’s a good investment that will hold it’s value compared to inflation, if not save your life.

Toilet paper is the first one, and the reason it’s first is what happened last time there was a huge lockdown, or even the threat of it? Everyone bought up all the toilet paper, and there was none left.

I saw fights over the last roll, somebody even got stabbed over toilet paper, so you just need it, and you can’t grow your own.

The next thing on that video was duct tape. I’m not entirely sure what he meant to use it for, but here’s 25 different survivalist uses for duct tape like making a cup to drink out of.

It’s also important to have fire starters and candles, lighters, matches, newspaper, firewood if you’re planning to build fires to keep you warm in an outdoors camping situation.

I had a black out for a few hours about a month ago, and I was so glad I had a candle and some matches to light up the darkness of my house.

You will need batteries for most of the various electrical items you might want to use, if they aren’t solar powered or running on a gas or propane generator.

For example you will probably need them for flashlights and torches, although there are some solar powered and hand crank flashlights on that page, that even charge your phone.

After that the video recommends bleach to purify water, although you might do better just to have a stash of water stored somewhere in case you need it, or to boil the water to kill the bacteria and use a camping water filter.

Here is a page that tells you how to purify water with bleach from the EPA, I would advise you know what you’re doing before you drink too much of that, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Then he mentions heavy duty garbage bags or contractor bags, which can be used for various things, as can heavy duty tarps such as making shelters.

He mentions socks as something most people wouldn’t think of that they obviously need, and the Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy said always bring a towel, and that’s just my addition to the list.

He mentions iodized salt as a necessary item, and a vitamin in itself, although it might be better to have a multivitamin supplement and some protein bars or meal replacement shakes, as that will keep you alive for a long time if you have enough water and it stores easily.

Some GMO free heirloom seeds will be needed to grow your own food, in your own back yard, or wherever you might end up if you have to leave your house, and the assumption with survivalists is that you have to be prepared for anything.

The video goes on to mention propane to be used for cooking on a barbeque for example, the traditional style oil burning lamps, super strong paracord 550 and finally a first aid kit, which could save your life any time.

I had another page on the menu for storable food, which has a few other survival kits if you want to check those out, and I’m sure there are plenty of other things you might need to survive a long bug out situation, but hopefully this helped, and you may find these things useful anyway.

Dried fruit is an awesome store of nutrition. Doesn’t last forever, but long enough.
There’s tons of stuff on this Amazon search, survival gear, and I think I get paid no matter what you buy after you click on the link.
Check out the canned food value packs, it will last at least a few years.
Multi tools are essential in an emergency situation and always come in handy.
Buy seed raising mix and if you have no land of your own to plant crops, just use any land anywhere.