I had a bit of a problem with Amazon, even just morally, and one of the problems was there were no Bill Gates t shirts on their site, so I joined the eBay Partner Network instead to offer this better range of t shirts.

It’s mostly American eBay sellers, although I’m sure anyone in the world can probably buy them without too much postage involved.

Why would you want to buy a Bill Gates T Shirt?

Well, it helps the site stay up and if you’ve been reading it you know we need to spread the word about the evil world takeover/depopulation plot.

Plus, it’s a good idea to find other people who are awake to the truth so you can form a freedom network.

Bill Gates is the most recognizable front man of the new world order depopulation plan, other than maybe Klaus Schwab, and that’s another t shirt that I couldn’t find to sell on Amazon.

I can only assume they deliberately took down anyone who tried to sell a Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab themed t shirt on Amazon, so I’m switching to eBay as an affiliate instead because they seem slightly more trustworthy and viable for a small time blog like this.

I thought about buying my own t shirts and sending them off myself, but the amount of t shirts I would have to buy would not be worth it considering the actual amount of anything this site has sold is close to nothing.

It would take years to be profitable, and hence would probably be a financial loss, which is what this site is after about a year and a half.

That’s why I’m asking everyone to donate, buy something, share or subscribe on every page, because unless everyone does a little something to help, the site simply can’t become profitable and not many people will work for nothing forever.

It was never about the money, because I knew there wasn’t going to be any, but I’d rather not have to pay money myself to work all day long trying to bring you the truth, if that makes sense.

So buy a t shirt or something, (anything you buy on eBay within 24 hrs after clicking on a link counts), help me promote the site. It all makes a difference, thank you to the people who have been doing that.