The Insane Covid Lockdown of Victoria

The torture never ends is what this nice, decent, regular guy is saying. He’s saying 25% of the population are affected now by the restrictions to the point of losing their businesses completely, when there’s been no cases for a month.

28 days was what he said, and that’s what he lied about. I want you to think about what this Dictator Dan is saying, knowing that he has been bought by the people who made and released this virus in the Wuhan lab to sell a vaccine, start a global system of digital ID, and remove all rights and freedoms, crash the global economy, to install a new world order that will take away all rights to own property, install a Chinese style system on the world, wiping out ten to fifteen percent of the world’s population, as they agreed to do in the agenda 21 “sustainability” goals which are now the agenda 2030 goals. The “great reset”.

All of which they had planned for over a decade, if not them specifically, the people who control them. What you really, really have to understand is, this guy is the bad guy, if there ever was one, and it’s never been clearer, and easier to understand. There is no virus in Victoria. None.

Not saying there was never a virus, but there were always viruses, what you have to understand is, they said four thousand people died in one year a few years ago from the flu and pneumonia, just before they were planning mandatory flu shots in nursing homes and as health care workers, and other things.

The average age of death was 82 for the few hundred “deaths” they got with a faulty test while banning the cure, didn’t even happen for the most part. They lied about it thoroughly, the numbers were not real.

I went to my local chemist and saw an ad for the flu shot, and I said I got the flu shot once, and I got the flu. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, and it puts kids in wheelchairs. My cousin’s kid will never understand language or recognize a human face and I know it was from vaccines. 250 million paid out every year in the US vaccine compensation court, for that one shot, and we get no compensation here.

You’re not allowed to advertise pharmaceutical products on TV or in magazines, yet you’re allowed to put all these ads up for toxic, experimental vaccines that don’t work, kill people and put kids in wheelchairs? I have to look at that crap every time I come in here. Take it down, take it down and don’t even do it.

They looked at me a bit funny, and they didn’t take the ad off the street, so I moved it off the street for them, and the next time I went in, it wasn’t up anymore. So it worked.

If you haven’t got the balls to say what you think, and what you know, you shouldn’t be gifted with balls, or a brain, or a mouth, or fingers to type the truth. This bastard is a psychopathic puppet of the fascist new world order, not an expert, not a doctor, and not a nice guy. You do not stand with Dan when I’m around. Lucky I’m not in Victoria.

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