The Emotional Nature Of Women

I will admit that I am not an emotional person, not an emo, I understand people have emotions, and I can try to deconstruct that in a logical way, like this guy is doing in this video.

I have come to realize that women think in a different way, a very different way, although it’s not all that different, just opposite in some aspects of instinct.

The female instinct is to find the alpha male, the strongest genes, the most security for potential offspring. They are nesters, subconsciously looking for security, a man who provides and protects for their children, even if they consciously aren’t even thinking about marriage or children, or actively decide not to do either.

Regardless of whether or not they want to have children, their brain is biologically constructed with the instinct to search for the ideal man, which is many times, the man that they see other women already having an interest in.

This creates the alpha male/beta male divide, and a bunch of men who do not see much interest from women, if any at all.

Women may go many years without even thinking about looking for a man, but having a hope that one day the perfect man will come along, find them, and take them away, while not actually putting much analytical logic into the process.

It’s all emotional, it’s fate, it’s love, true love, and it can’t be forced, or examined using any rational thinking.

I tried for many years to talk to these women, they knew they wanted a man, they had some idea of what they wanted from a man, but no real plan towards how to find what they wanted.

So I used math to convince them, and that worked fantastically, (not). Let’s say that you want a man who has a job, or a higher than average paying job. That’s less than half of them there, and at least half of them would already be taken, at least they would if they were looking for women, and were attractive physically, had a good personality, etc.

Then there’s other issues to consider, are they a smoker? Do they drink or take drugs? Are they religious? Are they gay? Do they have a left wing or right wing political philosophy? Are they mean or violent?

Do they have a good sense of humor? Do they want to take you around the world travelling, taking you shopping?

Women get much attention from all sorts of men, especially when they’re young, and then they just sort of assume that the attention will continue indefinitely, and they can get all the things they want, and won’t have to settle, or put in any effort themselves into maintaining a relationship with the perfect man, if one ever comes along.

For example, does the perfect man who every girl wants want a woman who cooks and cleans and is submissive, like an old fashioned house wife? What does he want, and are you what he wants?

When you start to add up the math, let’s say there’s a million guys in your city, a hundred thousand in your age group, one percent of that who’s the ones you are hoping to catch, and half of those, at least, who are already caught, those in your same league, I ended up with a number for their expectations that was lower than a hundred in a million, in my city there were a hundred thousand people, and so there would have been less than ten guys they would have accepted being with, and they probably already dated them.

So, with my own personal philosophy, I just want any of them, whenever, however, if it makes me feel good, not bad, and I found one, so that’s good enough.

Businesswoman thinking her dreams on blackboard

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