China’s Role In The New World Order

This video was made last year, it’s an expert who said there’s a consensus among experts including financial experts that China’s economy will become the largest in the world in market share before 2030.

Their influence has shown up in the UN, with them having control of more of their specialized agencies than any other country, such as the WHO and the human rights council.

To give you an idea of how that works, Tedros Ghebreyesus is a communist terrorist from Ethiopia, owned by China, who worked for Bill Gates, a former software salesman who wanted to make a twenty to one return on billions of dollars by selling vaccines, and who bought his way into the WHO, and who effectively is their spokesman, selling his own product.

When I say he’s a communist terrorist, I mean he was in the People’s Liberation army of Ethiopia, which was accused of torture and war crimes, and he was himself accused of covering up a cholera epidemic there.

This is not so important as whether he’s owned by China, or the USA, or the “globalists”. These people have a different mindset.

Based on the projections that China will take over the world, they seek to make a global government that utilizes the UN in partnership with the WEF to give power to the corporations, and the elites, as a single entity that is elevated to a new country, separate from any other.

They have already extensively promoted the great reset and John Kerry, (a skull and bones member who ran against George W Bush, another skull and bones member), has said that Biden will definitely be pushing ahead with the great reset plan.

He is the climate change expert apparently, and says they will be not just rejoining the Paris climate accord, but going further, with many countries around the world saying they have the goal at some stage of net zero carbon emissions.

This was what Bill Gates was talking about in his speech Innovating To Zero, in which he said Co2=PxSxE, people, services, energy, have to get one of these close to zero or the ice caps will melt.

He said the goal was to reduce the population of the world ten to fifteen percent using vaccines, and perhaps other health care measures like abortion and contraception, but nobody has ever done that without war, famine or disease. This seemed to be his focus, compared to clean energy.

I believe we do need to slow down in population growth, stop polluting, stop using so many resources, stop stressing about money, stop the endless wars for resources and power, and just get along and be nice to each other, realize diamonds are just overpriced rocks.

However, it’s not certain that China or the globalists will accept anything but being the unquestioned dominating leader of the world, they aren’t easy to threaten with military means as world war three would not be pretty, and what the people want doesn’t seem to matter, especially not in a Chinese style system, and the great reset has been called “failed socialist policies” by many commentators, although failure would seem to depend on whether you’re talking financial failure, or failure in the happiness of the people in a country like China.

It’s a war between the people with the money and themselves, or the people without money, and there are no winners in world war three, no matter what it actually looks like in practice. So, perhaps it is time to again say, make love not war and make some sort of peace agreement, at least in military terms, because the alternative doesn’t look good if we don’t.

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