What To Expect In 2023?

The government are the extremists, they went insane.

Over the last three years the world went mad, and while it seems to have gotten slightly better when it comes to the covid scam, the people behind it have plenty more plans for the world.

Central bank digital currencies, 15 minute smart cities, digital ID, social credit scores, facial recognition software, more trans propaganda for kids, and more woke idiocy like trying to ban the words brave or American.

America, (or the USA), seemed like the origin of all these insane ideas, but then I noticed that countries like Canada, and some European countries are even more woke and totalitarian than they are.

Having been a liberal or what used to be left wing most of my life until 2020, I can’t even imagine how they can view it as a positive thing, and they will eventually realize that this fundamentalist wokism or cultural marxism is as much of a threat as fundamentalists in any religion or cult.

In my view almost everything happening is an attack, whether it’s the floods of immigrants crossing the borders of every western country, the attacks on free speech, or the economic attacks like the cost of products and services.

People think you need nukes to fight these people, but that’s not true, they’re killing us by the millions with nothing but propaganda.

Some of it has been around a long time, and a lot of people haven’t woken up to the fact they were attacking our population size with eugenics programs going back a hundred years or more.

First they raised the age of consent which might seem like a positive to most people, but that cuts about five years off the fertile years of a woman, and that was outside of marriage when it began, with young couples still allowed to get married many decades after that, until they weren’t.

Then they sent women to work in larger numbers, promoting a career as more desirable than having a family, meaning they often didn’t finish schooling until their mid twenties.

At this point, married people are a minority, the birth rate is already well below replacement numbers, and they’re pushing policies to continue lowering it, almost as though it was an emergency.

Just in the last three years the birth rate and fertility rate went down by about ten to fifteen percent in all but third world countries, which Bill Gates said was his goal in his TED talk innovating to zero.

It’s debatable whether that was because of vaccines or increased stress, financial and mental, but that was a hit that white people could not afford to take, none of these policies are.

Just saying white people in a way that promotes their survival and not their extermination will get me labelled a white supremacist, and naming the people clearly behind most of these policies will get me labelled antisemitic.

They have a label for anyone who speaks out against their destructive policies and as I’ve said before, the worst mistake you could make is to care what they think.

How did I know the shot would kill and injure millions before it came out? They told me it would. Not just the experts against it, but people like Bill Gates in thinly veiled code and in planning documents.

The worst mistake you could make is to say things like Trump was right for promoting the vaccine because otherwise the media would have labelled him an anti vaxxer and he would have been destroyed.

No, almost 90% say they don’t trust the media, and if he had have come out hard against them, the 30% or so who didn’t take the experimental shots would have become a clear majority, which seems to be happening anyway, just a lot slower than it would have done, and that cost him almost half his supporters.

The mainstream media are the enemy, it doesn’t matter what they’re saying, nobody even watches them anymore, and you can’t give them an inch or they’ll take a mile.

I gave my opinion since the start of this, you should be violently opposed to their attack, they literally attacked the world with biological weapons and told you they did.

Some would argue the virus doesn’t even exist, but even if covid was completely made up, they definitely planned the response to it which was far worse.

No matter what you do, they’ll label you a violent extremist, they will even fake false flag events to brand you as a terrorist, so you might as well be killing them for real. I believe that was already necessary, and may become even more so.

What makes it necessary? Like I said earlier, if you don’t care that the white race is going to become a minority in their own countries and gradually disappear, possibly wiped out by force, then it wouldn’t be necessary to prevent that.

If you don’t care about defending freedom, democracy, and justice for all, then it wouldn’t be worth killing to protect it, when that was literally the justification given for countless wars of attack where it wasn’t even at risk.

My prediction is there won’t be a violent revolution, they proved that people have been conditioned into being weak and submissive, allowing themselves to be bullied by some of the most disgusting criminals ever.

It is however possible that people will just not comply with the proposed changes and they won’t be able to force it through.

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They are still talking about the vaccine passport but it seems like far less of a possibility than it was to begin with because too many refused the shots, particularly the boosters.

You can predict what the globalist scum are going to try to do because they told us, but at least half of it won’t happen because it’s too unpopular, so it’s just a matter of staying strong and doing whatever needs to be done.

The bankers have power only because the masses allow them to have power, and in reality any one of them could be killed by one guy with a gun if they were prepared to risk their own life.

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