Did The Democrats Steal the US Election?

The very day the US election happened and for a long time afterwards, I saw video of election fraud, people filling out ballot after ballot, mail in ballots sent in from dead people, more votes than registered voters in a state, straight line up at 4AM in the morning, etc.

If you don’t believe that it happened, believe millions of people saw it, and they went to a huge effort to try to make it look like it happened, if it didn’t actually happen.

Can’t be bothered giving you examples, because if you’re on one side, you will believe it just because I said I saw it, and if you’re on the other, you won’t believe it no matter if you saw it in hours of video footage.

There was some proven examples of fraud, not enough to win, but they proved that it did happen, they were cheating, and if it isn’t proven in court, it’s certainly proven in public opinion by what they saw with their own eyes.

I saw over a decade ago a story that you could hack an electronic voting machine from a remote location in half an hour and make it play a Rick Astley song, and if you didn’t trust the people who owned the machines, made their software, told you the results, end of story. Dominion, huh.

Trump is saying they cheated, and people believe they did cheat, more than any other election in US history, so that’s perhaps enough to warrant a recount or another election completely, in my personal opinion.

What has happened is they have been protesting, such as at the DC capitol building where a woman was shot, along with three other people. Here’s a video of the shooter inside the building shooting a young girl in cold blood, when he could have pushed her back through the window with one hand.

They have identified known Antifa agitators posing as Trump supporters, to stir up a riot on purpose, or that’s what they’re blaming the violence on anyway.

The entire thing seems like they’re trying to start a civil war on purpose, and they might just get it, but if I had one suggestion, it would be to find the people at the top and wage war on them.

Shooting a young unarmed girl in the neck because she tried to break in a window of a building owned by “the people”, that’s pathetic, she’s not the criminal, the government is, the rich elites are. Mass murdering drug dealing scum who start wars for weapons profits and brainwash people to think they’re above the law, that they are the law.

No, the law doesn’t exist, not worth the paper it’s printed on, guns exist, people exist, and if you saw what I saw last year, you’d be calling for a revolution too, not a war between large groups of civilians, a war on the corrupt establishment by the people, all the people.

The left/right divide is stupid, these are people, good people who have been manipulated to choose sides in a war of propaganda in which neither side really ever wins, no matter if their president is “chosen”.

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