Is Religion Inherently Evil?

I’ve talked about the Vatican before, they are the Romans who nailed Jesus to a cross, fed Christians to the lions, who converted overnight because they had too many soldiers being killed in battle.

This Roman emperor Constantine said he saw a cross in the rays of the sun on the battlefield and all of a sudden he was Christian and not Pagan, worshiping Roman Gods.

They tortured people to death in even worse ways in the inquisition for petty “heresies” like they tortured a scientist to death for saying he thought the stars went on almost forever and weren’t holes in a curtain over the sky that the light from the literal heaven was shining through.

Fifty million people, six hundred years, in this century they had a statue of Moloch outside the colosseum, they rent out their torture chambers as a five star hotel, and they protected countless pedo priests and they still work at the Vatican.

Holy Father! They said that was the hand sign that means love, but is it?

This video talks about whether mother Teresa was good, or not, and comes to the conclusion that she wasn’t, at the very least not completely.

I heard she was possibly a human trafficker and a scam artist, and not just a bad doctor.

Said that suffering was a blessing that made you understand Christ’s suffering on the cross so you could repent more. This is the type of thing that makes this religion scary as hell.

The idea was to make converts and make more people so the empire could expand, and kill anyone who got in their way painfully. Kind of like Scientology but fifty million times worse.

I have talked to many “good” Christian people, and in theory, Jesus was a good guy, but he was like the only almost completely good guy, ever. Even according to them and the bible, Satan rules the world.

That’s the problem. You can’t trust these people, who are the same people who nailed him to the cross and used his martyr story as the method of mind control to increase that same brutal empire.

Think about that carefully next time you see a cross, or anyone claiming the divine right of kings. If it sounds too “good” to be true, it probably is.

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