AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine Changes It’s Name

Vaxzevria (previously COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca) has been banned in around twenty countries, who have now started lifting those bans, on the very same product, with a new name, just so they can get rid of it.

Here, this woman, a “doctor” tries to justify taking the least effective, possibly most dangerous covid vaccine, even though she had a lower than 0.01% chance of dying from covid, and according to them, she probably wouldn’t have even noticed she had it at all, if she got it.

Here she risks her life with an experimental vaccine, and tells everyone to take all of them, any of them, years before they’re officially approved, and details the sickness she experienced, including a headache that was 9 out of 10 on the scale of pain.

They don’t know if these vaccines stop transmission, they said themselves it was maybe 60% effective in stopping you from getting sick to the level of being hospitalized, not necessarily effective at stopping you from getting the virus or passing it on and it makes you sick, immediately.

Multiple people died from rare blood clotting, young people, and so they are only giving it to old people now, in the places where they approved it’s use for testing on humans.

Obviously this woman has to justify her decision to herself, and justify her profession, being a paid big pharma saleswoman, which is what a doctor is, at least half of the time, as a necessary part of the profession.

However she didn’t really have a decision, because she may not have been allowed to be a doctor if she hadn’t have had the shot. The first people to have this thing forced on them were old people and health care workers.

My doctor tried to tell me to take the covid vaccine and the flu shot, I said I’m never taking a vaccine again, I took the flu shot and got the flu a couple months later, it didn’t work, it doesn’t work, end of story.

Actually not end of story, this healthy young woman who got a headache that she called 9 out of 10 in severity and chills and fever was only the regular, expected side effects for this shot and most of the others.

People died, people got serious neurological conditions, blood conditions, bell’s palsy, stroke, transverse myelitis, immune disorders, and widespread side effects consistent with being injected with a sickness.

This to prevent them from getting sick, and not even preventing other people getting sick, when they said themselves it doesn’t work half the time, and you were probably going to feel less sick on average if you didn’t take it.

It’s impossible to talk to anyone who does not see the logical error in this entire narrative, they’re lab rats, guinea pigs, they pretty much deserve to die because they’re so dumb and brainwashed as to go along with this, particularly when calling themselves doctors.

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