Trump Is Back On Twitter

I can’t even believe some of these Trump groupies getting excited about Elon giving Trump his Twitter account back, even though he’s not yet decided to tweet anything, to almost 90 million followers as I write this.

Elon said he wouldn’t be giving Alex Jones his account back, which doesn’t look good for free speech, especially considering Alex Jones was much more important for free speech than Trump, who I view as a full ranking member of the NWO.

Censorship is evil, even if it’s censoring bad people.

Apparently he’s got contractual agreements with his investors on Truth Social which is just pathetic and there’s nothing I want to hear from him anyway.

To me, he embarrasses anyone still believing in him after what he said about being the father of the vaccine, and the best anyone has to say about him is he’s too old to know what’s going on or is playing 4D chess, and we’re too stupid to understand what he’s doing.

I don’t really trust any of these people, I just did a video about how they were talking about covid vaccine passports at the G20 summit, even though over 90% of people aren’t taking the boosters because everyone knows it’s just straight up poison and I’m sick of proving that, everyone knows it is.

I’ve been learning about how the Jews have an endless war on the Amalekites, and how they’re seriously trying to destroy us, the goyim, gentiles, Christians, Edom or whatever, and they’re saying it out loud, saying it loudly in fact, as if they think that won’t have any negative consequences for them.

Full on genocidal maniacs, not even trying to hide their genocide of the world, and how much they despise everyone who isn’t them, while all the world leaders meet with these Jewish supremacist scum Chabad Lubavitch.

It’s a world takeover attempt by lunatics and I don’t know if they’ve got nukes buried under cities, more biological weapons, cyber attacks, or if it’s just that they have all the money, have everyone blackmailed with children, but it won’t help them if people see how they really think and the things they say when they think nobody’s watching.

As if we’re just going to agree to be their slaves and live under Noahide laws or whatever they think is going to happen. Calling us evil for calling them evil while they run child sex blackmail rings and worse.

There’s a reason why the Jews have been kicked out of dozens of different countries, killed in pogroms, they’re worse than fundamentalist Muslims by far, but nobody talks about what they actually believe and what they’re actually saying because if people knew, they’d lose it.

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Anyway, the kind of sucking up to the Jews that Trump does, it’s clear he’s on the enemy side, 100% support for Israel, like all of these politicians, and that’s far more important than whether they are pro choice or or pro life, or whatever you think is going to change everything with your vote.

You can’t even vote anyway, like I have no idea if it’s totally fake or if they just cheat in various ways, but if both the politicians are basically owned by the same people, it’s not really a choice anyway.

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