The Kids In The Basement

Natalie Biden reading about the corruption in her family.

The mainstream media has changed their tune and admitted the Hunter Biden laptop was real, which didn’t just show hours of underage sex and little girls dressed up as prostitutes, it also showed more serious corruption.

Like the Biden crime family selling the influence of the then vice president to China, Ukraine, and possibly other countries as well, with ten percent to the big guy.

Stuff that could possibly result in millions dead in wars or trillions of US dollars lost, shifting the balance of power in the world.

This is what actually comes to mind when most people think of pedophila, and this isn’t Russian disinformation, this was what was actually on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

That’s treason, and probably blackmail as part of the deal, but this laptop isn’t even the most serious of the countless crimes these people have done.

The worst threat to America in my view isn’t China, it’s Israel, or the Jews destroying America from within and Trump could not be more pro Israel.

Until you understand that it’s definitely the Jewish bankers, and they control both sides, in virtually all the countries of the world, you won’t get it.

It’s the general cultural marxism, the anti family stuff, the modern feminist nonsense, the trans propaganda pushed on kids, the race wars, the anti white campaigns, and Antifa literally waving the same communist flag as they were in 1930’s Germany.

It’s the covid psy op, the deadly vaccines, the attack on freedom of speech, it’s literally communism, or fascism if you prefer. Same difference when compared with freedom.

I probably don’t even need to tell you about it, although you might not have clicked that it seems to be the Jews involved with most of it when you get to the top level.

I’m sort of a libertarian when it comes to sniffing cocaine off a girl’s butt, as long as she’s not actually a girl. Nice teeth man.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know, but I just did my tenth podcast on the indisputable proof the covid vaccines are unsafe and not effective, it focused on Albert Bourla of Pfizer.

I’ve been attacking Trump more than Biden because it doesn’t take a genius to see the problem with Biden.

He’s a blackmailed pedophile and a traitorous puppet of the new world order on the surface, and it’s not just his son, this is what goes on in US politics quite often.

The argument that Hunter Biden’s issues aren’t also heavily related to Joe Biden is nonsense. The corrupt deals with energy companies in Ukraine were set up by Joe, he bragged about it, and there’s no way this guy would have been able to do them on his own.

I don’t need to expose Biden because the only people who don’t get how evil Biden is are the kind of people who would only read my blog to post it on a site like fundies say the darndest things, which somebody actually did, more than once.

I’m not even religious, I used to be far left wing, but back then the “left” stood for free speech, freedom to live different lifestyles, but not to the extent that you arrested parents for not agreeing to puberty blockers for their 12 year old.

I’ve since realized that much of the propaganda coming from the “progressive” side was a eugenics program, with a single minded agenda of wiping out all humans, or as many as they can.

The Trump supporters still won’t believe that he’s almost as bad as Joe with the corruption and blackmail. Compare an actual monk to these mass murderers, US presidents who always kill millions, every time.

That modern feminist garbage totally destroys lives, destroys families, even worse than getting addicted to smack or crack which was also subliminally pushed through music and movies.

It takes something as obvious as what they’re doing to wake people up and make them realize that there are at least two different kinds of left and right ideologies.

There’s your beliefs as an individual person, based on your own common sense, separate from what the partisan political media propaganda tells you is acceptable for you to believe, under pain of death or losing your bank account.

Making everyone say their pronouns didn’t work now take your woke idiocy that’s far beyond mental illness and shove it man.

Then there’s the party line, of the Democrats or the Republicans, and I’m not even in America but that crap is seeping into the brains of people on the other side of the world, if they’re stupid enough not to say “only in America”.

That was a phrase I grew up with. Only in America could you get such insane groups of people rolling around on the floor with snakes talking in tongues or literally worshiping Satan as they promote pedophilia, ritual abortions and genital mutilation to stop climate change.

It only got much worse, and it doesn’t even seem real, and maybe it’s not, or it’s a warped perception of how most people actually are, by focusing on the extremes of insanity which might even be staged for the camera as part of a CIA psy op.

It is however real enough when they change the laws on the other side of the world and the police come to fine you or arrest you for breaking laws relating to this sick madness like not wearing a mask or posting on Facebook about going outside.

Only in America has become only in the new world order, in fact the world went even more insane than America during the last two or three years over covid.

The world has gone mad, and it’s not like nobody sees it, so should we treat these psychotic lunatics who are actually claiming to be the establishment like they are attacking society with evil intent, or as brainwashed retards who caught this mental illness like an STD?

Satanism isn’t one thing, it’s many things, but it’s pretty simple, they’re different shades of darkness and evil or if it isn’t that way, then they know damn well it looks that way to most people.

They tried to make some law in San Fransisco that you could knowingly infect people with HIV and it wouldn’t be considered a felony crime.

At this point, I don’t even know if AIDS was real in the first place, if it was invented in a lab, if it was something other than HIV that causes AIDS, or if it was the AIDS drugs that actually killed people, or what. I know Fauci is a psychopath.

I also know if somebody knew they were infecting me with HIV thinking it was what most people think it is, (which has only changed slightly due to medications), and the police didn’t even do anything about it, I’d probably kill them myself.

That’s actually the thing most obviously lacking from our society that allows any of these things to happen and I have a fairly high tolerance for minor crimes, or I don’t usually do anything about it, but after seeing how bad these people can get, I think tolerance can definitely be a serious flaw.

I was thinking about killing a guy for risking infecting me with hep c even though he didn’t, because he was also a rapist, a drug dealer and a thief. He’s dead now anyway so that sorted itself out in a couple of years.

It’s a bit like that with the US government, I mean it’s literally exactly like that except they’re so much worse and they live twice as long.

This one just added to the clothing page, check it out.

If you’re actually claiming to be a moral person, there’s no way you could support either side of the US government. End of story.

It isn’t a good thing to mass murder Muslims for Israel, they hate Christians too and you’re next.

Lesser of two evils is still evil and the elections are fixed anyway. As I’ve been saying for the last decade or so, somebody really needs to kill these people, but nobody ever does.

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