Back To Zombieland Forever

This is a really sick story if true, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be true considering the amount of effort they put into punishing Ye for speaking out against the Jews.

Maybe he was wrong not to specify that it was the Satanic blood drinking pedophile Jews of Hollywood he was referring to, and not all of them, but he actually did clarify that later, and he also claims to be a Jew himself which seems strange to me, but then the whole thing is ridiculous.

I made it the subject of my fourth podcast if you want to take a look at that, but I haven’t noticed many other people covering this story, perhaps because they’re scared they’ll get the same treatment if they do cover it.

They did something similar to Brittany Spears, and many other people, however I can’t remember anything quite so obvious as this, specifically punishing a massive celebrity for so called antisemitic remarks.

They did something similar to Kyrie Irving for tweeting a link to a video about how Jews ran the slave trade, which they did, and by trying to ruin him, they made it a best seller on Amazon.

I don’t see how you can go from a multi billionaire to not even having a billion dollars overnight, but then these are the Jewish bankers we’re talking about.

It was called Hebrews to Negroes: Waking Up Black America if you want to pay to watch it, that helps me out, if Amazon is still actually counting my sales. I haven’t had a sale in months not that I care that much.

I’m lucky that I don’t have to care that much about money, even with about a thousand times less than Kanye had. It’s almost past tense now that he was the richest black man in the world, they’ve done such a hit job on him.

Being the masters of mind control, I can’t imagine they don’t know that all of this sick totalitarian crap just makes people hate Jewish people more, especially the specific people involved in the censorship and cancelling.

They are however completely evil, and having an out in the open evil agenda requires threats, censorship, bribery and blackmail, along with the propaganda on their Jewish media to maintain their control.

So they think anyway. I have to assume it’s the fluoride in the water that allows them to remain alive, or just the fact people might have a hard time finding out who they are exactly and where they live.

I sent an email to an editor of a site that interviewed Johnathon Greenblatt, leader of the ADL, because that was an email I could find, after Greenblatt tweeted the link to a post applauding advertisers for ending their deals with Ye.

Here’s what I said:

My free speech has been attacked like no other time in history. I’ve been banned 25 times from Facebook for telling the truth, which is the confirmed truth, the proven truth, the absolute proven and confirmed truth, and even if it wasn’t, even if you didn’t like it, it’s my right to say it, and just the fact the Jewish scumbag Mark Zuckerberg silenced me for anything at all makes me hate him.

Do you understand that concept? I didn’t know a single thing about Jewish power or have any antisemitic views apart from the general idea that stoning people to death for picking up sticks on a Saturday was fucking stupid and I apply that belief to Islam and Christianity as well. It’s fucking stupid.

Then when they silenced me and banned me from Facebook I spent all my time trying to figure out who was attacking my free speech and attacking the world with this planned attack.

They planned the pandemic, they told you they did, they sat around at event 201 planning to silence free speech with Bill Gates funded fact checkers about a coronavirus that took over the world two months before it happened.

So then I realized it was the Rothschilds who historically had done most of the geopolitical world conquest crap like the bolshevik revolution, etc.

You want to know why I am now an antisemite or have a vendetta against the Jews who attacked the world, killed millions of people, lied, censored, poisoned, bribed, blackmailed and manipulated people through their media?

Because they tried to censor me and drove me into the opposition. I was left wing, I was far left wing, they drove me into being practically a Nazi with their censorship, and forced the idea that it was a Jewish new world order into my head with a fucking hammer beating it into my brain.

The attitude you showed towards Kanye West for speaking his mind which was in fact confirmed by the fact they cancelled him, debanked him, ended all his deals is the very thing that makes me hate you and it is you and your kind stirring up hate against yourself as though you want to die in another holocaust.

It is entirely the fault of people like you that people hate you.

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