Who Actually Won The Election?

First there’s the fact the same people fund both sides, then there’s the fact they have been caught blackmailing them with underage sex, and then there’s the fact there has definitely been election fraud…

I’m not really that interested in who won the midterm elections in the US, and it’s not just because I’m in Australia, the elections here are even less interesting.

It’s because, as I talked about on my latest video about Trump, both sides are completely owned by the Jewish banking cartels, through their corporations and their donations, and through child sex blackmail operations by Mossad.

The public are still heavily brainwashed by the Jewish media, but perhaps they went a little too far with the totalitarianism and disrespect of the public, because it’s a definite majority who now see that they’re all corrupt as hell.

They’re not just corrupt, they’re literally trying to kill you, and I don’t say that lightly, or without mountains of evidence from doctors and experts.

If they don’t know that they’re largely blackmailed pedophiles, then they surely see that they seek money and power for themselves and their donors, at the expense of the majority of people in America, and the world.

It’s actually amazing they can convince anyone to vote for either side considering how bad their record actually is, and also considering it’s very possible that they have the whole thing fixed.

Like that guy Fetterman won apparently, a guy who needs a machine to help him talk because of a stroke, which is only slightly worse than Joe Biden’s brain malfunction.

This guy needs a machine to help him process what people are saying to him. Somebody has to type it out so he can maybe understand it. Democracy!

Democracy is just an illusion, they keep slaves and every now and then they’ll let you know what they actually think of the unwashed masses, and then they’ll try to gaslight you that they didn’t say what they said.

It’s not really worth giving endless examples of how bad they are, unless you’re actually going to do something about it when they try to take everything you have, which they will.

To be clear, the US government is the worst genocidal maniacs this century, rivaling the worst last century.

They already got halfway through taking away all free speech and bodily autonomy, and they were already taxing you to drink water, own a house, you even need a license to fish in some places.

Then again, you don’t need to do anything they say. They might eventually send their thugs to demand you pay them for enslaving you, but if more people fought back, sent some bullets their way, maybe they’d think again about using your money to make certain they can steal every last cent.

The Rothschilds and their friends, same people.

They can just print the money, and they do, they printed half the money ever existing in America in two years, or not even two years, and gave it to themselves, it’s an out in the open scam, but people just assume it’s “legal” as if that changes what they’re doing.

I do realize there’s reasons why a government can be beneficial, but it’s mostly just a worse version of the mafia, with more pedophiles.

The war between one mafia family and another might seem important to them, and you can get caught up in it and take sides in the battle, but that’s just how the scam works.

When a Rothschild dies in their nineties, I wouldn’t really call that a win but it’s good people get it.

These people who call themselves Republicans or Democrats, (as though you have to be one or the other), don’t seem to get that they’re saying they are a part of one of two mass murdering drug dealing organized crime gangs.

Perhaps if you asked people are you in the pedophile army of the literal Satanists who run the world, who are actually not even in this country, or the other one, owned by the same people, they might think about it, for a second maybe.

They are starting to think about it from what I can tell, but then I don’t watch the TV anymore, so the impression I get of the world may be slanted, or I could be seeing it as it actually is.

I been saying you have to kill all these sick bastards for over a decade, and I since realized that the people at the top weren’t even who I thought it was. The US government are still evil as hell though. The same needs to be done practically everywhere in the world, or something definitely needs to be done.

I voted about once in the last twenty years and it didn’t work, like I expected, so my actual opinion on what needs to be done is the same as many people think should be done with pedophiles, but even harsher than that, because they’re actually much worse.

They’re pedophiles, drug dealers, traitors, mass murderers, thieves, terrorists, fascists, communists, and possibly even vampires as well. Not even kidding.

Just pick any one of those things and think about what they would do to you if you did the same thing to them, and you’ve got your answer on what “should” be done with these scum, not that I think they haven’t thought about that possibility.

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