Traitorous Criminals Risking The Lives Of Humanity

How many different ways can you say these people are scum? I didn’t know anything about vaccines until two years ago, my girlfriend took me to see a documentary, Vaxxed 2.

I then realized that many people had been injured by vaccines, some that they admitted, billions paid out in the US vaccine compensation court, but possibly as many as five to ten percent of the population that go uncompensated, if they even know it happened.

This is the kind of scum, won’t let you leave your house, get a job, see your family unless you take a deadly shot, and then say you should have known better than to take it, due diligence he says as he killed and injured more people than covid this year by “listening to the expert advice”.

Not only didn’t I know about the potential of these poisons causing autism and that debate, I’d never heard of any vaccine side effects ever, nobody ever told me there was any risk at all.

I had a shot when I went to Bali when I was six and my arm swelled up for about a month afterwards, I got the flu shot once, and I got the flu, but they never told me what could actually happen and does to so many people, which in my opinion is worse than the viruses they’re saying they stop.

So you’re saying you took a vaccine that doesn’t work and want to force it on me while it kills and injures more people than the virus?

It was because nobody had told me a single thing about any risk that I knew two things, they weren’t giving people informed consent, and the stories I were watching were true, because they were psychopaths.

Not just greedy criminals, not just unethical bastards, but actual psychopathic eugenicist monsters who like to cause suffering on purpose, the same basic rich elites who start wars for weapons profits, oil profits, heroin profits, which I had been going on about for years.

You make me sick, you horrific scum, I hope you die, and you probably will.

When I heard the stories of parents who say their kid got the vaccine, any vaccine, and they had a bad reaction, started frothing at the mouth, went to the hospital and were permanently brain damaged for life, then told they could get no compensation, and they denied it was caused by the vaccine at all, I immediately knew what had to be done.

You cannot support these people continuing to do this, you cannot allow them to mandate these dangerous shots for all kids, all adults, you can’t trust them with anything at all, ever.

They’ve proven they can’t be trusted and they’ve proven they’re vicious, ruthless criminals trying to bully people into hurting themselves for their financial gain.

You have to fight them, and considering what they’re trying to do, mandate even more deadly shots for everyone, on earth, you may have to kill them in a war, because this is a war, and most of us didn’t even know we were fighting it until now.

I don’t know what to suggest in a war like that, but perhaps you could start with a simulation of a war, like they did with their simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.

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