It’s Your Fault Now For Not Waking Up

I’m dealing with these brainwashed nutcases on Facebook again, not actually a majority of people, but some of them advertise faulty, deadly injections of poison on their profile, along with rainbow flags, demon worship, critical race theory, BLM propaganda, etc.

I was left wing for most of my life, or had some sort of punk/hippy ideology of freedom, but that isn’t it, it’s completely insane the modern leftist communist anti family, anti freedom agenda, and perhaps it always was insane to some degree.

You tell them facts and figures like the Astrazeneca shot, the main one given in Australia caused tens of thousands of serious injuries if not more, was banned in two dozen countries, only allowed for over fifties, then over sixties, and then they lobbied to give it to everyone again, including children.

This when it was only 60% effective in preventing severe symptoms of covid 19 according to them, but that was never proven and the side effects are much worse than the unproven benefit for a very small number of people who might need it, a fraction of a percent of the population.

I don’t know what to say about people like that, he said his address is 42 Wallaby Way, a fake address from Finding Nemo, but there’s too many of these scum to deal with them all anyway.

It seems as though it’s a defensive reaction to an attack, on their left wing ideology or “the science”, or Christianity versus Satanism, or whatever. I’m not religious, I actually called myself a Satanist at one time, or at least, I played in a metal band.

I’m starting to rethink the logic of that, why exactly did I think that was a good idea? Did I even think it was a good idea? I can’t remember, must have been something in the water.

People were brainwashed with an entirely destructive, manipulative propaganda, a eugenics program, made to destroy the family and society and to wipe out population in the world.

Then they argue that there are too many people in the world, and you have to wipe them out, by any means necessary, which I actually agree with, because you have to wipe out those people, or they will sterilize and exterminate you, eugenics was the philosophy of Hitler.

He was trained by the American Eugenics society, got funded by literal Satanists in the USA, some people might argue that the communists were worse, and some might argue that group in America was worse than the Nazis but most people just didn’t realize that they were because it was mostly hidden from them by the complicit media.

Anyway, these sick, murdering bastards who planned this attack on the world cannot be allowed to take over the world, they are pure evil, and they’re not hiding it.

If people won’t wake up, and choose not to see the blatantly obvious truth, then we may need to fight an actual war with them, and my suggestion is strike first, and strike hard if you see them coming for us, don’t think it won’t happen to you.

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