Was The Nashville Shooting A False Flag?

The news I’m hearing about the recent Nashville shooting is split about fifty fifty between those that think it was real, and those who think it was a false flag.

A false flag doesn’t necessarily mean nobody died, but the video appears to show discrepancies, like one part of the video seems to show him, (or her), wearing different shoes, like it was shot on a different day.

It’s just another in a long line of school shootings that have many people calling them a hoax, or a staged event, and this one is just one of many shootings this year involving transgender people.

These are the people who starved a half a million children to death in Iraq based on a complete lie, and said they thought it was worth it, and millions of Americans still think that’s acceptable foreign policy, just because they said it is, so perhaps it’s karma.

If you have people in charge of your government who are mass murdering psychopaths and you let them get away with that, then they will probably kill you as well.

They will poison you, blow you up in terrorist attacks that they blame on somebody else, they’ll take away all your rights and freedoms, and kill your children, after they’ve had their way with them.

I don’t know what will be enough for people to rise up and overthrow these monsters, but it seems like even if they told people in no uncertain terms that they were going to exterminate half the population for climate action, equity and inclusion, nobody would do anything.

There’s some sort of mind control where they have people believing that a majority believe their lies, and perhaps in a case like this, most people do believe it happened the way they said.

However, almost everyone knows that the government and the media lie through their teeth about many other things, they just can’t seem to organize a large enough group of people who care enough to do something about it.

To be fair, I find it hard just to say what needs to be done, and I don’t plan on starting a war by myself, which is what everyone’s probably thinking.

I’m even slightly hesitant to call this a hoax, because maybe there were children who died, they could be real and not crisis actors.

After seeing what happened to Alex Jones after exposing Sandy Hook, I don’t blame the media and alternative media for being cautious, (he got sued for billions by the parents, whether real or not), but the message needs to get out that they’re evil liars duping the public over and over again.

I only really looked into this for a couple of hours, and I can’t be bothered doing more than that. If it isn’t a planned false flag then there’s enough other crimes these people are guilty of to require the death penalty.

They own the courts and the judges, obviously, but the law is just a bunch of words written down by the same bunch of evil lying mass murdering scum, so it it only matters to them and their minions anyway.

The address of the school was no. 33, there were 3 kids and 3 teachers, for 33 again, and I don’t care about this particular issue all that much, but it was a false flag.

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