The Ridiculous Climate Change Hoax

Every country in the world is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, according to these ridiculous propagandists who lie about everything for the globalist elites.

The thing about these idiotic lies is they reveal themselves, you don’t have to try all that hard, anyone who isn’t retarded can see that in five seconds if you point it out, yet for some reason many still don’t change their mind.

It took me years to see the scam because I obviously thought that the oil companies wanted to sell oil, so why would they sabotage themselves, but now it’s becoming clear.

I’m in a cold part of Australia, so even if this was true, which it clearly isn’t, I would be happy.

They can double the cost of oil by simply saying it’s harming the environment, not even by saying it’s running out, (which it might be), but that it’s going to heat up the world to nightmare levels, which it isn’t.

There’s real reasons for conserving resources and recycling, not polluting the environment with toxic waste, even reducing the population size, but they don’t even try to tell you the real problems, at least not in the MSM propaganda.

Every single one of these scientists and propagandist media outlets are guilty of criminal fraud, defrauding trillions of dollars out of the general public, and they should be arrested, but my view is you have to kill them because they won’t be.

They lie to you in bizarre and ridiculous ways that make no sense except when you see how they make the money, carbon taxes, subsidies, emergency powers, electric cars, solar panels, etc, most of which don’t even reduce Co2.

This of course leads to most people not trusting a single thing they say ever again, it obscures the real problems with pollution and resource use, and basically it makes me call for killing them all, when you add everything else they’re doing.

Maybe I listened to too much Metallica as a kid, but that’s what I been saying for over a decade because I don’t see how anything else will fix the countless problems they’re causing.

I went to one of these things myself after the Australian bushfires, mostly because I hated the prime minister, but man do I feel stupid calling for climate action now because there is no climate crisis, it’s a proven hoax. People have actually died in these protests, and they made it up.

The vast majority of people aren’t calling for killing them, even while in the same breath suggesting they’re trying to sterilize and exterminate half the world and force the rest of us into a communist nightmare of social credit scores and slavery, which they are by the way, in their own words.

Some say they’re torturing children to extract adrenochrome from them, which in my view is more of a myth than a reality, but it’s based on various stories that have more credibility.

“it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?”— George White, commenting on his work on CIA’s MK-ULTRA program.

For example, they do have child sacrifice and blood libel traditions going back to the stone age, they do use children’s blood to try to make them younger because of stem cells and human growth hormones, it’s a few different stories mixed together in my opinion.

But you don’t have to try that hard, it’s possibly true there are underground military bases full of children, but it’s already been definitively proven they’re running child sex blackmail rings, it’s already proven they drone bomb civilians around the world for no particular reason.

Satanic? Yes, they are openly Satanists.

It’s proven that they lie and kill and cheat and steal, in fact Mike Pompeo said it directly, in the CIA we lied, we cheated, we stole, which wasn’t even a new revelation, and the crowd laughed and clapped because he seems like a nice guy until you realize some of the things he did.

People are in some sort of hypnotism where they can tell you what they’re doing on the surface, and it becomes normalized and nobody thinks it’s a problem worthy of killing them while it keeps getting worse and worse, simply because nobody ever does.

Like how Bill Gates told you he’s trying to reduce the population to near zero and Trump offers him a job at the white house as a science advisor.

Then they push voting for Trump, father of the death shot, because the other pedophile scum is worse on the surface, even after continually making the point the elections are fixed anyway.

Same people make the argument that if somebody tries to beat you up on the street you can shoot them, or definitely if they break into your house.

Yet while it’s entirely proven these criminals have killed millions, including millions of their “own people” for profit or power, nobody thinks it’s worth killing them over, or they can’t say it anyway.

I was watching a Gutfield episode about how they killed that Al Qaeda leader, (America trained Al Qaeda in the eighties), and they were laughing and clapping about some 70 year old guy they killed for no particular reason, and it probably wasn’t even him.

If you’re going to argue he planned 9/11, no that was Israel and Bush and the military/industrial complex, with the Bin Laden family at a Carlyle shareholders meeting hosted by Bush Snr in New York, the day before.

Why aren’t they calling for assassinating Bush and the leaders of Israel? His son is still alive. Why aren’t they calling for the death of the prince of Saudi Arabia or anything approaching what should actually be happening in response to the truth?

They don’t know the truth, even when they do, and millions do by now.

It’s hard to say things aren’t getting worse, but at the same time, nobody knew what was going on in the past for the most part.

This is why I continue to mention that the Bush family was three generations of skull and bones, brotherhood of death, headquarters called the tomb, and they’re evil.

They have evil in their name, they have real skulls and bones that they stole from graves in their tomb headquarters at Yale, they tell their sexual secrets in a coffin as initiation, and it sounds like a ridiculous b movie, but that’s all confirmed, and well known.

I think the real problem is that people can hear the truth and they don’t have any argument to counter it, but it’s an inconvenient truth, (like the fact climate change is a hoax), to those who want to continue discussing the narrative within the confines of the lies most people say they believe for no good reason at all.

There’s possibly good reason why you might want to keep it quiet that the USA is the world largest drug dealers and just attacked the world with biological weapons because if people actually knew what they did, the rest of the world would likely turn on them, and yet they do know, and they haven’t, at least not yet.

Make the argument China is worse, even though the same people that own America control pretty much every country in the world.

They set China up as cheap slave labor, the elites, how could there be anyone worse than the people responsible for almost all the crimes of almost all the countries in the world in our lifetimes?

They are guilty of practically everything anyone could ever do, times a million, and it might be hard to put your finger on who they are exactly, but you can follow the money to the top, 99% of the time.

This is the problem with associating yourself with your government. When you say “we” did this, and “we” did that, talking about what a bunch of mass murdering psychopathic Satanist criminals did, a principled person would say OK if you did that I’ll kill you myself.

The thing is they are all guilty for going along with it, for repeating the lies, and for not taking out these criminal scum with deadly force, like they would do to anyone who stood in the way of their power.

These traitors aren’t doing it for the USA, they are sabotaging and bankrupting the USA, the USA is on it’s last legs and they did it to make international Jewish banking cartels more money than they could ever spend in a thousand lifetimes.

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The climate change hoax doesn’t seem like that much of a crime against humanity until you see what they plan to do based on these utterly ridiculous lies where every country is heating up at twice the global average, even though they aren’t even heating up at all.

To some extent they tell you a nightmare future so you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you’re still alive and not surviving on a diet of bugs in a few years time, but you will have moved many steps towards that if they are allowed to get away with it, and it’s already far too much to tolerate in my view.

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