Your Computer Chips Are Made In Israel

According to this Times Of Israel article, from a couple of years ago, Israel makes the chips for Intel that are used in many Microsoft products, and they are probably already in the computer you’re using now.

Intel Corp. has unveiled its highest performing data-center processor, optimized for the cloud and high-end computing and promising a performance 46% higher than the previous generation of products. The core of the processors, called Ice Lake Server, launched by the US tech giant on Tuesday, was developed in Haifa and produced at its Kiryat Gat plant in Israel.

Intel said that its latest, third-generation scalable Xeon processors, which use 10 nanometer process technology, are optimized for multi-cloud environments and enable the world’s broadest range of workload requirements, including 5G networking, artificial intelligence (AI), high performance computing (HPC), and intelligent edge infrastructure.

The firm hopes the processors will give it an edge in the competitive data center market.

Why does this matter? Well, it’s a bit like getting China to make biological weapons for you. The same people probably control China, and most countries in the world, but that’s a bunch of psychopath Jewish bankers who killed half a billion people last century.

That’s pretty much the people who did the bolshevik revolution, who planned 9/11, who are behind covid vaccines, drag queen story hour and Bud Light beer, and who have made it very clear they’re trying to kill us all.

Like I explained to some idiot who wanted proof of what I was saying, after giving him tons of proof, if the motive isn’t killing millions of people, then they kill millions of people for the money, even though they’re already multi billionaires.

It isn’t debatable that they kill millions of people, it’s going on right now in the war in Ukraine, they’re about to start using uranium tipped missiles that cause birth defects as was seen in Iraq.

You can say that it’s the UK government sending the weapons, but the Rothschild banking cartel took over England before they took over any other country, or that was where they made the largest part of their wealth, so when England does something, it’s actually them.

They’re complete psychopaths, and they’re the enemy of the USA, not their ally, and even though it might seem like China is a worse enemy, Israel has made an alliance with Russia and China, and that’s who they want to be the new center of power in the world.

That’s the multi polar world order that the WEF was talking about in their predictions for 2030. The US will no longer be the single dominant power.

Maybe they caused this to happen, (which they almost certainly did), or maybe they just see that it is happening after they sucked all the blood out of America that they possibly could, but they’re clearly working against America in favor of their largest enemies, China and Russia.

So the problem with them making the computer chips is that they almost certainly put a back door into them, and they can access them to do whatever they want on the computers that countless millions are using, including the US government.

That means that they can switch off vital infrastructure like the electrical grid, they could probably hack into the nuclear weapons, or anything that uses the internet.

They already been caught red handed selling military and technology secrets to China and the only reason they got away with it is they’re Jews.

To say that’s a national security threat would be the largest understatement ever, but the reason why they aren’t doing anything about it is the US government is already completely taken over by zionists who work for the same Jewish bankers.

If you haven’t noticed, it is the US government themselves who are actively destroying America in as brutal a way as they possibly can, without the people rising up and killing them for treason.

While literally millions of people, (including the top rated news anchor on TV), are talking about the treason, most people still think it’s just a bit of a joke, like incompetence, or something they can vote out at the next election.

They have no idea, and millions of literal retards are worshiping Donald Trump as though he’s actually Jesus Christ, the new messiah who will save them, and they don’t even get who it is they want to be saved from.

It’s about the same as waiting for Jesus himself to come down from the sky and kill these sick Jewish bastards. Even if he was alive, he wouldn’t kill them, they would kill him, like they did before.

Maybe he could inspire the huge population to take their freedom back by force, because they do have hundreds of millions of guns on hand, but unless he had laser beam eyes, it wouldn’t actually help that much if he was here.

I’m just constantly disappointed and bewildered at the mind numbing stupidity of everyone, and the way they seem unable to do what clearly needs to be done.

You would think with hundreds of millions of people, who have to know what’s going on to some degree, that somebody would have done something about all these scum that everyone knows are mass murdering pedophile monsters, but the only people dying are regular people by their hand.

Even when the supposed holocaust happened, it wasn’t the top level bankers who were in camps, and I don’t think anyone’s ever done anything to them yet, in all the years since they started.

That is exactly the problem, they think they’re untouchable. They are insane psychopaths who think they’re the chosen ones, that they are protected not just by man, but by God, and I don’t know how they could believe it’s not Satan, if anything.

Anyway, the issue of Israel making the chips isn’t talked about on the media, or even on the alternative media, which seems to be somewhat of a limited hangout.

If they talk about it, they have to admit that they’re foolishly trusting Israel with the privacy and security of Americans and America, or that America is completely owned by Israel so they have to do what they’re told.

You can see why they want to avoid the topic as much possible, but this isn’t like a conspiracy theory, it’s right out in the open, at least it would be, if anyone bothered to mention it.

I hope you will do your part in pressuring content creators and politicians to talk about it, and by sharing articles like this one.

Please share, subscribe, follow, buy something or donate. Thank you!

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