Global Financial Cost of Covid Estimate: 28 Trillion Dollars

So I was reading this article from about how this psychopathic madman totalitarian dictator tells us we cannot go back to the way things were until we spend 28 trillion dollars, as much as the US national debt, as a world, and that he plans to release a virus ten times more deadly next time.

I mean, do you want to read that again? The worst country affected by this slightly worse flu they made in the lab had about a ten percent higher death rate for a year, with people dying on average about six months earlier than they would have anyway at 78, not 78.5.

94% of them had terminal illnesses, they had cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and they were about to die anyway and died because the flu mutated, by accident or on purpose.

The problem I’m having here is I don’t fall for their crap, I simply disagree with giving them trillions of dollars, especially to a man who said if we don’t reduce the population of the world by ten to fifteen percent the ocean will rise by five meters and we’ll be screwed anyway.

I disagree, and I have every right to disagree. I am politically opposed to medical dictators forcing us to change every aspect of our lives and live in fear, forever, to stop old people from dying of the flu.

I will not change my mind, I will not act as though I’m trying to stop the spread, I will not wear a mask, I will not take a sterilization vaccine, I’m this close to suggesting we exterminate the lot of these people in world war three.

Do you get what I’m saying? I have had enough of every single thing they’re saying, I will not bow to their endless propaganda, I will live free or die, doing whatever the hell I want to do, and the next person that tells me to do otherwise in any aspect of the personal freedom of my own life will get knocked the fuck out.

Might rip an eye out as well, forced medical experimentation is legally treason. This fucking bastard starved an extra two million people to death with the lock downs, on top of those who starve to death every year anyway, and made everyone’s lives a living hell, which is why they call him the antichrist.

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