The End Of Democracy And Free Speech

With a name like the Democrats, you wouldn’t expect they would be the ones opposing democracy, but even among their own party members they aren’t all on board with the changes.

You would think that opposing free speech, the right to protest, the right to have a different opinion on extremely controversial new policies would be unpopular in a place like America, and it is.

The thing is the majority of mainstream media are controlled by a small bunch of elites who constantly spew propaganda lies that try to convince people it isn’t unpopular.

I was sort of left wing in theory, when I thought that meant freedom, and opposing the evil greedy corporations, stopping oppression and inequality and tyranny, no blood for oil, feed the poor, make love not war, etc.

It almost switched overnight, or maybe I wasn’t really paying attention, but the fascism that Antifa were complaining so much about, the totalitarian tyranny has never been worse, mostly on the “left” side.

They might say it’s the Nazis versus the communists, and they think the communists are the good guys. The Antifa flag is the anti fascist communist flag from 1930’s Germany.

Did they even know that’s what it was or have any idea what they’re talking about? Do they think that we should choose now between Stalin and Hitler, and that’s what we should aim the political debate towards?

Are these massive corporations promoting communism, or even socialism? Kind of, but it’s like they said, they take everything, you get nothing, but they’re not even the government.

To me, it’s real simple, the rich are too rich, and the poor are too poor, the middle class is starting to struggle as well.

That got worse in the last year or two, and that’s because the uber rich corporations are destroying democracy to impose a globalist totalitarian dictatorship where they own everything, and you will own nothing and be happy.

That seems like an insane conspiracy theory, except that’s exactly what they said they were doing, turning the world into something that looks suspiciously like China, all at once, in a great reset.

The selling point of communism was they wrote on the side of the barn all animals are equal, and by the end it said some are more equal than others, or that was in the story Animal Farm.

It was a fairly simple and obvious plot to exploit people, with endless propaganda that it was for the greater good of the nation, and now it’s about the greater good of the world, climate change or whatever.

When the people lose their voice, they are slaves, they are oppressed, they are unhappy, they don’t get what they want because they can’t even say what they want.

Some might say you can’t always get what you want, but that should at least be the goal, or what the hell kind of plan is that for the people to support?

What we need right now is for these evil totalitarian bastards to back off, because if you wear a swastika, or a hammer and sickle on your sleeve, you got a target on your head, because neither were good ideas, or it didn’t turn out very well.

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Maybe the world needs to work together to address global problems with resources, poverty, pollution and sustainability, but this is quite simply the wrong way to handle it.

The people, the masses, will ultimately decide, no matter who these pigs think they are, and it was only by convincing people on a large scale that they were ever able to do anything on a large scale.

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