The Narrative Crumbles And The Brainwashed Double Down

This is the next upgrade after brain chips.

I went to my local worldwide rally for freedom yesterday, said a few words about how it’s completely and thoroughly proven that masks and vaccines don’t work as well as they had “hoped” they would, they’re even admitting it themselves.

Bill Gates, Fauci, CNN, CDC, the CEO of Pfizer have admitted that pretty much everyone will get “omicron” no matter what they do, which they should have known from the start, and probably did.

They knew the masks didn’t work, one hint might be that it says they don’t work on the box, and they made laws to fine corporations for fraud if they said masks worked to stop you getting SARS, about twenty years ago.

Another hint might be that they said they don’t work on TV just two months before they said everyone needed to wear them. It’s bizarre that anyone doesn’t understand these facts, which are proven.

Israel has the highest case numbers in the world after forcing everyone to get a booster, and then another booster.

One of the most boosted countries, with the highest cases per capita, and there are many similar stories that back up the claim they don’t work.

The inventor of mRNA says they are unsafe, the head of the WHO says boosters are not necessary for most people, particularly children.

The New York Times published an article saying multiple shots could harm your immune system.

It’s a cult, it’s a religion, it’s not based on science, it’s about faith in the almighty leaders who they worship like gods.

They’re admitting all of this, cloth masks are useless face decorations, most of the “hospitalized” covid cases were in hospital for something else and got tested with a test which doesn’t work to tell you if you’re infectious, which they also admitted.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a proven fact, the vaccines don’t work, the masks don’t work, and they admitted they don’t very clearly.

Or they said you should get the booster, but they already admitted that didn’t work in places where they’re selling the fourth one, and they had to admit that natural immunity works better than an experimental failing shot, obviously.

People got fooled, they got duped, or they’re part of this evil scam, and there are those among that group who just won’t accept it, or who don’t want to look stupid or criminal, for ever going along with the entire thing.

The only way to keep this house of cards up is to silence anyone who points out the flaws in the narrative, which is itself a weak point because people have a history of being told they had free speech.

So they’re doubling down in their dying narrative, trying to push harder, while everyone knows the truth, even them, much as they try to deny it.

When governments do this, it will lead to civil war or an ongoing conflict similar to the war on drugs, but in reverse, and when random people do it, it will probably lead to fist fights if not worse, it already has.

Bear in mind, the FDA admitted when they were approving the covid vaccine booster for children that one of their reasons for approving it was simply to appease these psychotic lunatics who “believed” it would help their kids, when the FDA themselves knew it was more likely to hurt them.

The media brainwashed these morons with such lies that they would not only rush to inject poison that doesn’t work, and isn’t safe, even according to Pfizer themselves, but also to push for the government to threaten anyone who didn’t take it with prison.

That’s what that poll said, about half of these “Democrats” want to lock up anti vaxxers for one reason or another, when what they were saying is proven and verifiable facts, or at least the important talking points were.

I don’t accept that it is a left/right debate, Jimmy Dore is left wing, but not a Democrat, Russell Brand is left wing, or he says he has no opinion to avoid censorship.

Tim Pool calls himself a disaffected liberal, the hippies never stopped hating big pharma if they had any sense, it’s actually about whether you trust the government or not.

Having done a fair amount of research on the evils of government and ruthless corporations for years before this, I saw it immediately, and called it out immediately.

I noticed the “left” did appear to suddenly turn into this totalitarian monster, and I didn’t really choose to be right wing, I just joined those groups because that’s where I was even free to speak.

The evil corporate/state alliance of the new world order hijacked the left, and also the right to some degree, with this fear campaign, and there is no question they have gone too far.

It’s like a test of how many obvious lies people can be brainwashed to believe, how much they can ignore the truth as it comes out, even from the mouths of the same people who brainwashed them.

It’s some sick dystopian 1984 ministry of truth crap, but even when the ministry tells the actual truth, they still don’t believe it, that’s how far gone they are.

Something kind of similar happened to me, I published a video on my Odysee channel of a player at the Australian open collapsing to her knees.

A guy commented on the video that’s from January 2020 they said it was due to the bushfires, it was on CBS Sports.

I said CBS is brought to you by Pfizer, are you dumb enough to believe their fact checks? They been dropping like flies, how does smoke in the air cause you to collapse like that and if so why didn’t everyone?

It turned out that the video was actually from that time so it wasn’t the vax, but that doesn’t change the hundreds of other similar videos from the last year.

People make mistakes, and I’ll admit it if I got something wrong, I deleted that video and reposted a similar video from the guy who told me about it. I’m sure not everything I’ve said was completely true all the time.

They’re running misinformation campaigns on all sides, but some people won’t admit it when they’re proven wrong.

Their ego won’t let them, and if they don’t back down at some point, they will have to be dealt with, because the opinions they have give us little choice, which is not the same in reverse.

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