If I Had A Hammer

I just got a strike on my YouTube channel for medical misinformation, 90 days ban, for uploading a video of me talking about all these things related to the covid scam in particular which are now admitted by virtually everyone were lies the whole time.

People like Ben Shapiro are changing their tune and saying we were lied to and I’m real angry about that, they didn’t even test the shot for transmission but they said that it would save grandma if you got it and I’m not sure I would have taken it if I had known that it didn’t.

As the above video talks about, we can’t forgive even our own family until they admit that they were manipulated and lied to by the most evil scum in the world, on purpose, so that we know they won’t fall for it again.

They really need to admit that we were all attacked, terrorized and murdered, sterilized, exterminated and enslaved by the largest criminals in the world, and that needs to be resolved by those people being jailed for crimes against humanity and it can’t possibly be over until that happens.

The good news about their insane gaslighting is it woke everyone up. Nobody can say they can’t see their lies anymore.

I always knew the people at the top weren’t just making mistakes, they were lying through their teeth and trying to kill millions and take all their money and freedom, because they’re evil on a level most can’t even imagine.

I had recurring thoughts almost every day the last three years of what I might do if I was put in the position to be in a violent resistance army fighting back in a real war if it came to it.

I thought about breaking their bones with a hammer, and of course I’ve never actually done anything like that, but in this situation it doesn’t seem like an insane thing to do, it seems insane not to, because this is a war.

Staying married to an evil mass murdering traitorous criminal like Nancy Pelosi and taking that dirty money is complicit enough that you deserve to die in my opinion.

Nobody is actually fighting the war, at least nobody seems to be fighting back against these evil criminal scum at the top, but there was a story this week of a guy hitting Nancy Pelosi’s husband in the head with a hammer.

I don’t even know if that’s true at all. I can’t imagine how you could get past security, and then fail to kill an elderly man with a hammer if you were actually trying to, and of course the MSM spun it as a right wing extremist carrying out the attack.

He was as left wing as you could get, a homeless rainbow LGBTQ weed flag waving BLM supporter and nudist, not that it matters, I used to identify as far left wing myself a few years ago.

The thing is, a majority of people, whichever “side” they were on now understand that these politicians were not just lying but committing crimes on a level not seen since Hitler, Stalin and Mao, they’re genocidal maniacs.

This is world war three, and we have got the numbers to win, if we can just convince the armed forces.

It doesn’t matter if you lean left or right, they are traitorous murdering totalitarian psychopaths and it isn’t mentally ill to hit them with a hammer, it’s mentally ill not to if they can’t be arrested and won’t stop with their treason and plot.

It’s getting real old talking about all these things but those who fell for it and went along with it really need to understand how wrong they were and how much damage it caused.

Covid was no worse than the flu for most people, masks didn’t work, lockdowns didn’t work, the vaccines didn’t work and the response was entirely detrimental on every level to the point they basically destroyed society as we know it and we are probably heading into a great depression because that was the plan.

Regardless of whether they thought the opposite was true, which the people at the top knew was a lie the whole time, the totalitarian censorship and brutality of taking people’s jobs and even their children in some cases was evil, so evil they deserve to die if they supported it at all in my opinion.

It doesn’t matter if they thought it might save a few thousand old people, the financial cost alone of our taxpayer money was out of the question for any rational person and of course it didn’t save them, it actually killed far more people because that was the plan.

These people simply couldn’t comprehend the evil of the scum we’re dealing with, their cognitive dissonance wouldn’t allow them to accept it.

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Then they became part of the evil by going along with it, making it even harder because then they had to admit they were not just wrong, but complicit.

It feels like the end of a horror movie when they finally knocked out the serial killer with a hammer and instead of finishing them off, they foolishly run away.

No, when it’s a mass murdering psychopath like that, you are supposed to kill them, but you’d be lucky if you ever got one chance to do it, and you probably won’t get it again.

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