I’m Going Death Con 3 On Jewish People

Kanye West put out a tweet that was quickly removed by Twitter, saying he was going to go death con 3 on Jewish people, I think he meant def con 3, a US military thing.

He recently did an interview on Tucker Carlson with some interesting revelations like his ex wife Kim Kardashian had a close relationship with Hillary Clinton that he didn’t even know about and Hillary tried to control him through Kim.

He also mentioned how Jared Kushner was a negative influence on Trump which has come out before like Steve Bannon said something like it was going to be a war between the Jews and the non Jews, and he lost, talking about Jared Kushner and Kissinger and all them.

When I say all them, it’s hard to know where to begin with Jewish power, it’s over a third of the top 100 richest men in America, and also over a third of the top 400.

It’s not so much that they’re smarter, it’s that the money at the top comes from Jewish banking families who aren’t even in America like the Rothschilds, also known as the East India Trading Company, or they were called that when they had a quarter of all China hooked on their opium.

Gave China the nickname the sick man of the East which stuck for a long time, it bankrupted them, and that was their attempt to colonize China, and some say they did it and have been in control of China ever since, or at least Jews had something to do with it.

What happened was they made a training video that told their workers try to be less white, and people made these fake photos based on that but many of the fact checks gave the impression the story was totally fake and based on nothing at all.

When I hear someone like Brendon O’Connell explaining the intricacies of foreign policy matters, secrets, lies and espionage, it makes my head spin, there’s a lot to it, but if you trace the big banker money, it leads to Jews, that’s the simple version.

The issue seems to be with the hypocrisy, a culture of allowing attacks on white people even by big companies, one of the most famous examples, Coca Cola saying try to be less white, they tried to say it was a hoax because the photo wasn’t real, but it was based on a training video to their employees.

I knew George Soros funded BLM, but I didn’t know it was a Jewish guy who wrote the book, but then it was actually a Jewish guy who wrote the original book, Marx. He said religion is the opiate of the masses by the way, so it’s not the religious type of Jews doing this, or if they’re religious, they’re literally Satanists.

I don’t trust fact checks, almost everything they say is a lie or spin the story in their favor, but even if that story wasn’t real, they’re teaching it in universities, white privilege, critical race theory, and as An0maly’s video demonstrated, these psy ops seem to come from Marxist Jews more than anyone else.

It’s not just Marxists though. There’s the general Jewish religion and culture which seems to push the victim mentality for being killed in a holocaust which might not have happened, at least not to the degree they said it did.

The reason why they feel able to get away with this guilt trip when far more people of every other race were killed last century, mostly by communism, a Jewish invention, (if you believe it was due to communism itself), is because they believe they’re the chosen ones.

Do you know what it’s called when people convince you to worship them as the chosen ones simply because they said they were in the book they wrote, so give them free lamb even though your book said the debt, (and there was no debt), is already paid? It’s a scam.

Not only do they believe they are the master race if you will, they have Christian Zionist churches in the bible belt where they put the hexagram over the cross and collect coins in schools to send to Israel, when Jews are the richest per capita race in the world.

I never had any idea how bad it was, how much control they have, and I’ve always had a justifiable hatred of greed and corruption and wars that kill millions and the evil people in power, but like most people I thought that was mostly rich white men.

It doesn’t feel good to attack good people for believing in God or religion, but you can literally twist that belief to serve any agenda because it’s not set in stone, the concept of good and evil itself is totally subjective, and cults are inherently dangerous.

As you saw from the Jewish guy who inspired the BLM “founder” with his book that she compared to Mao’s Red Book, he says he’s white when it suits him, probably says he believes in God when it suits him, he’s a liar.

He could be white, except he thinks white people hate him for being a Jew, and then he does things that make people hate him for being a Jew, in fact the exact same things they did in Germany, but more violent this time.

Cultural Marxism, a Marxist revolution attempt through BLM and the Democrats, even the Republicans as well.

Here’s where I have no sympathy for them. Religion is stupid, I’ve always thought that. Any religion is stupid if you take it seriously, and if you really look at what modern Jews actually believe, they don’t even take the story of Adam and Eve to be literally true.

I don’t like stereotypes and racism but if you’re not the kind of Jew that gave Jews a bad name then you aren’t who I’m talking about. However if you’re going to deny that those people do exist, then that in itself is another reason why Jews need to be called out, because I call out evil white guys, it has to be done.

They don’t believe in Noah’s Ark, they don’t believe you should stone people to death for picking up sticks on a Saturday, (that’s in the old testament), they just believe they’re the chosen ones because they got a drop of blood from some cavemen who believed some stupid nonsense and it’s still a good con.

I can respect a guy like Jesus for standing up to authority, standing in front of a woman they were about to stone to death, turning over their money tables, calling them a den of thieves, a brood of vipers, and so on, and this was a Jew calling out his own leadership by the way.

The thing is, the message they took from that after they crucified him was to write books saying he was boiling in excrement in hell, which they didn’t believe in by the way, before he came along, and they try to say they didn’t mean that Jesus, but it’s far more than just that one verse.

There may have been different factions like the Sabbatean Frankists, some say the Khazarian Jews had a Satanic religion before they were forced to convert and that continued in secrecy, but a good percentage of Jews are what you would rightfully call the enemy of Christianity, America and even humanity, and it’s not even all that hidden.

Like I said, I’m not Christian, I actually used to call myself a Satanist when I was younger, (the Atheist kind), but they’re attacking white people, setting white against black, right against left, vaxxers against anti vaxxers, and when the world goes Mad Max or 1984, there isn’t anyone who benefits, not even the elites.

America wasn’t always this way, or if it was they used to hide it a hell of a lot better. After turning off the Jewish mind control and waking up to the truth, to be honest I’m horrified, but I’m also convinced if the masses learn the truth that I’ve seen, these people are finished. That doesn’t have to mean dead, but it does mean they will be if they don’t fuck off and stop trying to enslave us in a Satanic totalitarian regime.

Do you know why they won’t benefit? Because if they’re connected to this new world order plot in any widely known way, they won’t even be able to go outside, in sniper range, let alone hang out with regular people, because they’ll get killed, sooner or later, once people realize what they did, and they already have.

Stalin had many people executed because of his paranoia about them trying to kill him, which is what happens with evil dictators, it’s just karma, and you’ll be looking over your shoulder forever if you’re anything like that.

Hitler barely survived a suitcase bomb, so you might gain power, you might win the war, but there’s a pretty good chance you won’t even last that long if the people hate you, and they do, if you got anything to do with all this crap.

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