Why Did Trump Get Banned From Twitter and Facebook?

Twitter has said they are permanently banning president Trump from Twitter, based on him supporting protesters who believed what he said about the election being stolen from him.

They said he incited violence, while also telling people to stay calm and go home, but what actually happened was a young girl was trying to climb in the window of the building by the door, and instead of simply pushing her back out again, which would have been very easy to do, the cop inside shot her in the neck and killed her.

Over the course of 2020, you had a woman taking a dump on an upside down police car, police stations burning, whole city blocks burning, cops getting shot, people getting shot.

Now that the holy of holy places, capitol hill gets a riot thrown there by unarmed protestors, the president of the USA gets his social media accounts taken down for good because he supported protesting the stealing of the election.

Now was the election stolen? Is there a Chi-com takeover? Is Biden a demented, corrupt, pedophile deep state puppet of the establishment bastards who deal the drugs and then put black people in jail for life for buying them?

Are they forcing a great reset of a one world government where you will own nothing and you will be happy? Is the Antifa flag the same as the flag of the German communist party in world war two?

Those are all interesting questions, but I would have to say, yes, in my opinion. It’s fair enough to have opinions, and many would say some of those same things about Trump, and they could be right about that as well. Who knows?

The thing is, if the president of the USA isn’t in charge of the USA, and the leader of the free world, and they treat him like a piece of dog crap they scraped off their shoe, then what is democracy?

Can you have democracy when people don’t believe their vote counts, and even if they get their president into office, the media distorts and mocks everything he says, censors him, threatens him, and effectively forces him out of office?

The answer to that would be no, you didn’t have democracy anyway, the US government killed a hundred million people to deal all the drugs in the world, they shoot presidents in the head, when they get in the way.

Six US presidents were shot, out of less than fifty of them, and even more had attempted assassinations so that’s a ratio of more than ten to one of them get shot. That’s how it works, it’s the wild west, money rules, democracy is for fools, the people with the most guns win.

That’s why most people in the US don’t vote and also why they will never give up their guns. I don’t really favor running a country that way, but then who am I to say?

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