Fake News On All Major Platforms Drowning Out Truth

I want to make it clear that there are some things I can’t prove, like I can’t prove that Joe Biden stole the US election, but I can prove that big tech and the media silenced Donald Trump and demonized him and his supporters like no other group in history since Al Qaeda, or ISIS or the Jews in Nazi Germany.

Perhaps pedophiles were a larger target of persecution leading up to the election, particularly seeing as both candidates were accused. It was a very dirty campaign involving smears on their opponents, which did not go well in terms of a “peaceful transition“.

People are still saying they stole the election, they banned the cure, it’s murder, they’re still saying all these things because it’s true.

I can’t prove that it’s true to the level that anyone who doesn’t already agree that it’s true will believe it, simply because they’re brainwashed morons. I tried having this conversation today with a pathetic communist cheerleader for big pharma, big tech, Antifa and the CCP.

Here’s just a small portion of it, just to piss off conservative people a little bit more. This guy has a picture of a unicorn stomping white pride with it’s magical hooves, and the name he chose is Malcolm X though his real name is Christian Graus and he’s a white guy who lives in Tasmania.

Because he made fun of my cousin’s kid’s vaccine injury and lied thoroughly for these scum, I’m making an example of him personally, and if you hang out on sites like Mewe, (which I am because I’m on my seventh 30 day Facebook ban in the last year), you will probably bump into a troll like him.

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