Facebook Bans The Posting Of All News In Australia

This is Australian news, which you can no longer share on Facebook in Australia. Like they didn’t just censor all news about the vaccine side effects and the fact they made the virus in the Wuhan lab and admitted they did themselves, they are censoring all news period.

Australian news is now banned in Australia. At least on Facebook.

This is because the major news publishers are trying to pass a law through the government that Facebook and Google will have to pay them directly, for the news they want rammed down people’s throats, and it has to be the only thing that people see, can’t have any fake news.

So, by this strange twist of logic, because I’m not actually in the mainstream media news category, and just running a personal blog, once my current 30 day Facebook ban runs out, I will be able to post my news hopefully, and the dying mass media moguls and their crap will not be on Facebook. At least for a little while.

The law is unfair because obviously they’re not going to pay me, because I’m not one of them, and both the mainstream media and Facebook have tried to silence my free speech online like we were living in China.

On the other hand, people actually need news, and somebody needs to make news and somebody needs to pay the people who make news something to make news.

Me personally, haven’t made a cent, I lost money paying for the domain name and hosting of this small blog. You can support my work if you have money and want to do that, I’m not pushing it too hard.

It’s all unravelling, it’s seems almost as though it’s the end of the world, and the best advice I have at the moment is find comfort in Jesus as the end of days happen, rejoice in the coming rapture, because there’s no stopping it.

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