What Is Herd Immunity? Is It Experimental Vaccines?

I don’t know if you remember this story, but the WHO changed their website and altered their official explanation of what herd immunity actually meant.

This bitch from hell who is saying that she’s trying to take away people’s freedom to move around and live and work and play, until they inject experimental poison that has killed thousands and injured hundreds of thousands, as Bill Gates said it would do, says they won’t get herd immunity if they don’t.

This ignores the fact that the WHO said ten percent of the world already got covid about six months ago, and by now it must be close to half of them.

Those people who were going to get it probably already did, and that’s almost reaching the stage where we have herd immunity naturally, without needing a vaccine.

Where I am nobody had it anyway, not for almost a full year were there any cases in my state, Tasmania. In Australia, less people died of covid than died every year of the flu, even when you add the flu numbers.

So to me, almost the entire risk is from getting an experimental vaccine, except maybe for the possibility of somebody who is sick coming in from somewhere else in the world, because nobody in Australia has it, or had it, or almost nobody, but they were acting like it was the end of the world.

I can see why people might want to get a negative test result, if the tests weren’t faulty, or a vaccine pass, if there was a vaccine that was shown to be safe and effective, and approved.

There isn’t one and won’t be one for many years, if ever, but there are therapeutics that work, and they could always go into quarantine if they were actually sick, and if they were, they would probably know that they were sick as opposed to not being sick but being told they were.

The people telling them to take these experimental vaccines say themselves that it won’t stop you from getting covid, or spreading it, and it might kill you, or injure you, and to expect severe side effects, immediately, almost everyone who takes it.

You’d think I was pulling your leg saying all that, but no Bill Gates said almost immediately that he expected one in ten thousand or 700,000 people in the world to get side effects, and he didn’t say what those might be.

Then he said in the Moderna trials everyone got some side effects immediately, or about 80% got severe chills and fever, and then he censored himself saying that, or it got wiped off YouTube.

Then a couple of months later, they’re saying it on CNN, and saying the side effects mean it’s working, it’s not like they’re making you sick on purpose, though the same people said 80% felt nothing when they got covid.

It’s almost like they’re making it incredibly clear that you’d have to be dumb as a box of hammers to take this thing, just so they can kill all the dumb people, or maybe they’re trying to kill all the smart people, you never know.

Either way, they’re trying to kill somebody, they’re complete nut job psychopath killers and what they’re doing, what they’re saying is criminal, beyond the level of Hitler and the Nazis, which is what a 93 year old woman who actually survived the holocaust said, and she should know.

2 thoughts on “What Is Herd Immunity? Is It Experimental Vaccines?

  1. There is no vaccine whatsoever that has protected against anything. NONE!
    This is simply because the body does not follow the vaccine theory, based on the cowpox variolation nonsense that Edward Jenner put out around 1798, and the anthrax and rabies vaccine experiments and the germ theory that Louis Pasteur lied about.
    Forget vaccines!
    FOOD is your medicine!


  2. The Covid”vaccines”are no vaccines at all.
    They are nano sized medical devices to genetically manipulate the cells of the recipient to become spike protein factories…
    The principle of vaccination is not biocompatible.
    The Covid mRNA/DNA concoctions are satanic.


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