The Number Of The Beast

I missed this one before it was pointed out, but it was another clear phrasing of the 666, or the number of the beast, if you follow the bible.

It was in Revelations, the mark of the beast, the number of the beast, which is also that of a man, and it’s definitely not the first time I’ve heard it said.

I’m not religious, but it happened at least a dozen times, or a lot more than that if you were looking for it hard, things like on UK TV the minister said rule of six feet, the rule is six, six six, it’s dead simple.

There was the senate bills HR666 and HR6666 and the Microsoft patent 060606, and you could say those numbers had to come up sometime, but it was all related to the cult’s plans.

The amount of times I’ve seen it now, if everyone saw the same, the only reason they would conclude it wasn’t on purpose, is if that’s what they wanted to believe.

So, they’re either Theistic Satanists, or Atheistic Satanists, or it’s a psy op, or they’re trying to warn about the Satanists running the agenda without coming out and saying it, or it’s just nothing, a coincidence.

I’m heavily leaning towards it’s an actual Satanic cult, and they all know it, and accept their metaphorical deal with the devil, whether they believe in it or not, it’s just business, and that’s the basis of the new world order.

I could go on about the possible biblical implications or the possible real world implications of a bunch of actual Satanists having full control of the world, but we don’t have to wonder what might happen much, it’s happening.

Luckily what is also happening is countless millions of people speaking out against this, either from a religious or moral perspective, because they don’t want to be ruled by literal Satanic pedophiles.

I’m not entirely sure if you can even stop that from happening, but if you were even going to try, you’d have to lie and kill and cheat and steal, like they did, which is the reason why they have power in the first place.

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Different situation, it’s more self defense rather than attack, and they’re the worst people ever, but most people don’t view it as a fact what I’m saying.

It’s more of a crazy conspiracy theory, which at this point, I just find sad that people would choose to dismiss everything in one way or another.

I mean, there are different types of Satanism, but the Satanic Temple is a political movement that is not hiding at all, they’re just maybe not telling the whole truth about who they really are, under that wider religious description.

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