When Did The Illuminati Reveal Itself Or Did They?

Who are the illuminati, or do they even exist? Is that a crazy conspiracy theory, or does it have some merit?

Apart from being an actual group with that name, it’s a broad term for a general suspicion about the elites that can’t ever be entirely proven or dismissed.

Much of everything I know about “them” is rumor, speculation, anecdotal information about various different groups like the Freemasons, the Jesuits, skull and bones, Satanic cults, popular culture, etc.

If you want to look at the beginning of Satanism, religion itself started with human sacrifice, animal sacrifice and demon worship.

It goes back to the temple of Moloch outside the gates of Jerusalem, where they burned babies alive for favor in battle, and that custom apparently existed before the Jews even got there.

It was the Canaanites, who were (according to the story), descended from Noah’s grandson, who were cursed because of the sins of their father Ham, and they became a completely different race of people apparently, but the rituals and beliefs of these various cults were not exclusive to one race or country, like today.

Then Ezekiel saw a four headed flying beast in the sky, floating in ring made of eyes, that told him to kill them all, men, women and children, all but those who had the mark on their heads, of those who wept for the state of Israel, and they destroyed the temple, and tried to kill all the idolaters.

If you take just this one verse and look at all the different translations, you might want to think twice about taking it as gospel, but it is interesting.

It was called the valley of the sons of Hinnom after a Jewish king who sacrificed his own children by fire in the arms of Moloch, a bull’s head, man’s body metal idol, heated up by a fire at it’s feet, while they beat drums to drown out the screaming.

Also called the valley of Gehenna which hell itself was based upon, as they apparently built a fire on the remains of the temple and burned the corpses of criminals alongside the rubbish from the city in a fire kept alight with real sulfur and brimstone, real pitchforks, real maggots, it’s an actual place that you can still visit.

So, this stuff goes back to BC times, then the Vatican continued torturing millions of people to death for hundreds if not thousands of years in the inquisition.

The rack, the iron maiden, the skull crusher, the Judas chair, burning at the stake, sawing in half, and they rent out their former torture chambers as a five star hotel.

They’re completely insane psychopaths, and they always were, and anyone can find out this stuff, even though they try to fact check it half the time, but for some reason most people don’t seem to think it’s relevant today, even if they do find out that much.

Even after looking into it extensively, I find it hard to believe, when looking at all of these people doing their secret signs after their sex torture cult initiations like Angelina Jolie. It can apparently be so painful many people don’t even survive to get into the club.

There she is on hidden camera with her friends talking about killing her snake, having her nipples twisted or whatever, she has so many compromising videos of people, you won’t find that in a Google search. What kind of club is that and why would you want to get into it?

There’s good and bad in everyone, I have a dark side myself, although it generally doesn’t extend to trying to hurt people on purpose for no good reason.

I thought about it at times, and I surely thought about it with some of these people, only because they really do seem to deserve it and they are causing far more suffering with everything they’re doing, out in the open, let alone secretly.

I called myself an Atheist Satanist at one time, or flirted with the idea briefly. Agnostic Pantheist self determining gods who worship themselves. I understand the concept, or that’s one philosophy associated with the name Satanism, which just based on that concept alone could mean literally anything.

You don’t get to say this if you then join a cult who tell you what to think, it is a very different philosophy from being controlled. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all, but they could have chosen a better name.

I generally call the universe God, eternal energy, it is what it is, whatever that is, but when you see the larger organization and what it actually does, I want no part in it, and I never had any part in that big club.

Whether Christian or Satanist, or some other name, it’s practically the same thing at the top and it seems anyone at the top of any large group has probably been compromised in some way.

Anyone who sold out to enslave the world to these people, who are anything and everything, all levels of corporate criminals murdering the innocent, you’re not even human in my view, let alone a “god”.

Some of them worship the devil, or Moloch, like the original death cult, Theistic Satanism, and due to the secrecy, and the duality even on both “sides”, it’s hard to say who is who or how many there are, or how bad they get, it’s too complex.

As this insane world takeover plan starts getting more evil and tyrannical, if you still identify as “one of them” you’re becoming more and more obvious all the time, and it was only due to the fact it was hidden by secrecy that this group of vampires in the castle survived this long.

“So, then, owing to the creation of a supreme deity men will become murderers, thieves, unchaste, liars, slanderers, abusive, babblers, covetous, malicious and perverse in view. Thus for those who fall back on the creation of a god as the essential reason, there is neither desire nor effort nor necessity to do this deed or abstain from that deed.”


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