Since When Is Corruption Not Enough?

These people eat little girls for breakfast, it’s amazing you’re still alive.

Pfizer has had criminal fines for fraud totaling many billions, and I heard Melinda Gates saying they were going to get the Pfizer sterilization drug out to all the third world women, bring it directly to their villages.

I can sort of understand the sterilization thing, they’re starving in Africa, in particular, a lot more since the lock downs, and they’ll only starve worse if they have more kids.

However, even if you had a target to reach of lowering the population in the world, and decided that sterilization would cause the least suffering, maybe you’d do better not to tell a whole bunch of people your plan first.

I’m not sure if they told people, or hinted at it, and other people exposed the plan based on their connection to the money, but it’s fairly obvious now.

The autism is kicking in now, I’m feeling the zombie apocalypse.

Some things aren’t entirely obvious like is it just random experimentation or have they figured out exact numbers of different variations of sterilization and extermination, various stages of illness and death?

I’m seeing the side effects listed, and it goes on for pages and pages, with small amounts of people getting all these different conditions, as though they were put in batches of different experiments.

That’s possibly what it is, but even if it were just one experimental poison and not thousands of them, the trust is gone, because of everything they did, as a whole.

It’s not just whether forced medical experimentation is beneficial to living, rather than dying, in a small amount of people, it’s that they experimented on everyone, even the whole world, before they even found out.

How about everyone in the world takes thalidomide, before they know about the birth defects? Is the cure worse than the disease they made in the lab?

I saw some evidence of birth defects, and that they were covered up like the rest of the side effects, but I’m more likely to get called a conspiracy theorist if I even say it.

This is not an acceptable way to run a health system, widespread forced medical experimentation and corruption cannot be tolerated, and we are at war, not just in that area, but general financial war on a global scale.

I don’t really care if natural immunity is better, even though they admit that themselves, it’s more just the totalitarian nature of the entire thing, that makes it impossible to prove it was, even if they agreed it was.

How do you join that cult?

To call it disproportionate would be an understatement, it’s more like you don’t ever get to talk to free human beings like that, and now they rise up, which is just a matter of time if they keep pushing this tyranny.

Every weapon they think they have, money, WMDs, hackers, drugs, infrastructure, government, it can all be used as a weapon by anyone and the harsher they appear, the less people support them at all levels.

They said themselves they were preparing for terrorists to attack with anything, hack attacks, chemical weapons attacks, using gene editing to create bio weapons, but generally speaking, they are the likeliest threat of all of those things.

It’s hard to say exactly what’s going wrong with all this autism, but there’s definitely something going wrong, and I would usually applaud people for pointing that out, but what’s with that freaky eye?

They can indoctrinate idealistic young people into believing in things like climate change, environmentalism, the green new deal, the new world order.

Whatever that is, but at this point, it just sounds like slavery, communism, the end of democracy, the end of freedom.

You will own nothing and be happy, with whatever they decide to give people, if they get anything at all.

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The final solution didn’t have a good ring to it to begin with, and it’s not looking more friendly as time goes on, this whole great reset thing.

It’s not that I don’t think something should be done to help the environment, it’s just that the corporate environmental plan is deceptive at best, if not ruthless and deadly.

It doesn’t help your cause to identify with the cult of the all seeing eye, I thought everyone knew they were the bad guys, or at least it seemed like that to me.

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