How Much Longer?

This crap just came in recently in some states in Australia, and I’ll just briefly explain how it’s not a law, and how anyone who does it is a criminal.

You must take reasonable steps to ensure that: 

  • A person who is over 16 years of age who is not fully vaccinated is not on the premises.

Children under 16 years old who are not fully vaccinated are only permitted on the following premises if they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated member of their household or they are on the premises for work:

So are you retarded or what? I usually do anything a pretty girl tells me to do, but not this time. Take your mask off.
  • Entertainment facilities, such as theatres, cinemas, and music or concert halls 
  • Recreation facilities, such as stadiums, show grounds, racecourses and motor racing tracks 
  • Hospitality venues, such as cafes, restaurants, pubs and food courts with seating areas 
  • Places where a wedding, funeral, or memorial service is held (except for small weddings, small funerals, or small memorial services).

(Any steps taken are completely unreasonable, so no actions are warranted, and fall outside the range of this “law” that isn’t a law.)

Reasonable steps include: 

  • Display vaccination rules from NSW Health in a prominent position, such as the entrance to your premises  
  • Ask to see a person’s vaccination evidence, or for a child under 16 years of age, evidence of their name and address.

Please be aware that a person may not wish to show you their vaccination evidence.

The Spanish flu was apparently caused by a faulty vaccine injected by the Rockerfellers to cull the population. Just for a moment assume that’s actually what happened and it could happen again in exactly the same way, by the same people, but this time we saw it coming and told everyone about it, but they didn’t listen.

If you do not believe that a person is fully vaccinated, you can ask them to leave. If the person refuses to leave, you can notify police. 

Here again, you can ask them to leave, but that would be unreasonable and treasonous, verging on criminal, and you can notify the police, again completely unreasonable, and not specified as required, so there is no law there, at all.

Just because there is no real reason for these businesses to do this doesn’t mean they won’t be told to do it by their employers at the risk of losing their jobs, but it’s basically a matter of who is a compliant little bitch of the state enough to do this crap.

I hold them personally responsible, because as I just explained, the wording of this “law” doesn’t even make it a law, they call them rules, and did you notice any mention of fines on that page?

OK, there is a fine of $5000 for non compliance, or $1000 for individuals, which as I just mentioned, is legally impossible to argue in court, that a business didn’t comply with what was stated if they decided not to call the cops.

Nobody else is going to call them and the money they gained in sales would cover it if it happened, and they lost the challenge of the supposed fine, which is very unlikely and they wouldn’t have to cause a confrontation, which is what they are doing, if they go along with this crap.

There’s a privacy act that says something about not having to disclose your personal and private medical information with anyone, but that isn’t even relevant, because this isn’t even a law.

There’s also an anti discrimination bill, and they say on that page: This is a highly complex and evolving area and the legal positions are not clear.

I would generally push this thing as hard as you can, possibly using civil disobedience as members of parliament have suggested is necessary. Just say you have an exemption and if they ask to see proof, ask to speak to the manager.

Ask to speak to the owner, explain that this law isn’t even a law, and there are multiple reasons why they don’t need to go along with it, if they had the faulty notion that anyone needs to listen to a bunch of pedophile weasels about anything.

You can explain it like this, it doesn’t stop transmission, at all, the new variant apparently came out a few days ago, it won’t work on that.

So, the decision they are making, and them alone is to stop you spending money in their store because they are worried you might catch covid from the vaccinated people who might be spreading it, in there.

Ask them, are you that worried that you vaccinated people will infect me with covid that you will give up the money I will spend as a customer, because you mistook a rule for a law, which was totally up to your discretion?

Are you trying to stop me from having the freedom to shop in stores ever again because I saw the twenty five times higher rate of myocarditis reported in young men and didn’t want to take that risk?

You want me to join the millions with serious side effects for a steadily decreasing chance it stops me from dying of a disease with a 99.9% survival rate that less than 1% of people even have at any given time?

You can choose to be really nice, or you could look at them like you’re going to smash their face in, different approaches might work on different people, and you might have to get in their face to make the point if they really don’t get it.

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There is no one right approach to a situation like this, and the excuse that they’re doing it because it’s “the law” or because it makes their customers safer is irrational, for the reasons I’ve explained.

They plan to do this to around ten percent of the population, indefinitely, some places denying them the ability to work, at all, and the sooner they realize they can’t do that, and don’t even need to, the better it will be for everyone.

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