The Masks People Wear

Kim Kardashian appears at the Met Gala in a stylish mask.

The “pandemic” has revealed a lot of things about the way society functions, or it’s various examples of dysfunction.

It just came to my town, one of the last to be invaded by vicious totalitarian lying weasels trying to take over the world, and they don’t even need to have an actual virus anymore, if they ever even had one.

Kanye West knows how to make a fashion statement.

I was with a small group of protestors at a cafe and one of the “regular” customers asked the owner to get us to wear masks.

Even though they weren’t wearing masks, and “the law” said people didn’t have to wear masks outside, or while eating, obviously.

This mask charges your phone with your own breath as it kills you.

This displays a brainwashing, a mass psychosis, that ignores a whole host of logical errors that I will try to explain to anyone who doesn’t get it by now.

People get the flu, they don’t not get the flu, the flu shot doesn’t work, everyone gets the flu, (which is actually a variety of different mutating viruses), at some point in their life, period.

Pay attention, this leading proponent of the new world order and big pharma products says everyone will get the virus. Not if you don’t wear a mask, not if you don’t take the useless shot, he said we all will.

Even the people running this scam say that omicron is so contagious it will spread to everyone, and everyone will get it, because it has an Rt score of about 3 or 4, meaning every one person who gets it will likely spread it to three.

The shot doesn’t work, it doesn’t stop transmission, it doesn’t matter if everyone takes it, it won’t work, everyone will get this virus, even according to them.

I honestly don’t know if the “vaccine” that doesn’t work has any beneficial effect, but people get and spread the virus in about the same numbers as if they didn’t have it, about 80% of omicron cases are “fully vaccinated”.

Fully vaccinated meaning not vaccinated and never will be, because they want to keep giving you shots that don’t work every three months now, even though omicron is indistinguishable from a cold.

The masks made a 1-2% difference in cases and deaths according to the CDC study, so the way to deal with this thing is to take lots of vitamins, stay healthy, and figure out what other alternative treatments have a beneficial effect, and expect that you will inevitably get it.

This is “settled science”, you will get sick, if you interact with human beings, if you are a human being. The vaccine doesn’t work, the side effects definitely outweigh the risk for the young and healthy, but the mainstream media didn’t say that.

They lied from the beginning, costing the world trillions of dollars, and millions of lives, because they were trying to wipe out population in the world through starving them to death with lockdowns, destroying businesses and jobs, while they made trillions.

Two types of people emerged, those who trusted these evil scum as they repeatedly lied to everyone, creating a mass formation psychosis where almost everyone has a legit mental illness, a phobia of germs that might never go away, and those who opposed them.

World leaders are now threatening people like me, and most of the people reading this as though they were terrorists for being normal human beings who can tell truth from lies.

The truth is coming out however, and everything we were saying is being vindicated, proven, and even admitted by the very people attacking us, but those who have attached themselves to the state like a child clinging to their mother’s dress, still can’t see it.

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