The Religion Of Death

What has caused the most death and suffering in the history of the world? War, drugs, religion?

Getting closer, it’s government. Government killed over 250 million of their “own” people last century, not counting wars, drugs or other causes.

Democide is the mass murder of people by their government, and it is a leading cause of death in the world historically, right up there with heart disease and cancer.

It could be argued that the wars over religion or resources, the deaths from tobacco, alcohol, drugs, that’s all basically caused by the same people, the rich elite, who have a controlling share in almost everything that happens.

For at least a hundred years now, it’s been a primarily global empire, not confined by the borders of countries, and that’s never been more apparent than it is now.

The days of the Roman empire and the English empire have been replaced by countries who have been infiltrated and who sold out to these globalists, but not necessarily publicly.

It’s hard to tell if China and the UN and the WEF and Saudi Arabia and the USA are all basically controlled by the same people, but it kind of seems like they are.

Perhaps it’s not as simple as that, they each have their own interests, but respect a pecking order, a power pyramid of control, based on who has the money, weapons, and resources.

China could seriously damage Australia if they stopped all trade, or they could invade and wipe us out or take over, if it wasn’t for the USA and their allies, who are all ultimately controlled by the big money of the bankers.

How is it that bankers have that ultimate power when all they really have is pieces of paper that say they do?

That’s the key to the entire thing, it’s all in the mind. There were members of Stalin’s totalitarian communist regime who praised his name like a god even as he took them out to be shot in the head.

It is a religious devotion to the state, much like religion itself, that convinces masses of people to follow irrational orders against their own interest, because of ingenious and evil brainwashing and propaganda.

There’s a basic formula, convince people they are dirty, immoral, worthy of ridicule and vilification and (in the case of religion), eternal suffering if they disobey the morally righteous dictates of the cult.

The cult member then adheres to a herd mentality where anyone who shows any individuality is demonized, even to the point of being murdered painfully.

It could be that they are imprisoned instead, but they are bombarded with fear that they must follow the “law” of their masters, and then they don’t notice that the law continually takes more and more away from the people, for their benefit.

They don’t notice that the law is itself a crime, and the law makers criminals, or if they do, nobody wants to be the one who says it, no matter how obvious it becomes. A good example of this is in the bible.

At the end of the old testament Malachi says that if the people don’t bring young tender lamb for “God” and instead bring chewy mutton, they will have sheep dung rubbed in their faces.

They will have their seed cursed for all future generations, and they will be thrown on the manure pile and be taken away with it, to wherever the sheep crap gets taken away to.

Possibly to be burned in the real pit of fire they had, kept alight with real sulfur and brimstone, where they burned the rubbish from the city of Jerusalem, along with the bones of “sinners”.

A few hundred years after that, Jesus came along. I’m not religious, and I don’t even know if it’s a true story, but he basically called them out for being a den of thieves, a nest of vipers, hypocrites, etc.

He was probably thinking, why should I bring you free lamb and gold, under threat of painful death, because you claim to be God, when you are just men?

What makes you the chosen ones? Did you come up with that on magic mushrooms or something? What is this bad fruit you been eating you scum?

Different people might have different interpretations of it, but they nailed him to a cross to die slowly because he said he was God, and not them, or maybe they all were, and that’s the gist of it.

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They suck, end of story, but the story never ended, and they never lost power. The amount of power they have is the amount of power the people collectively give them, and it doesn’t matter how much money they have.

What matters is how much money or power people think they have, because if a majority of people just decided they didn’t have any, or decided to take it away from them, because of their long history of crimes against humanity, then they’re done.

It could happen, it has happened many times before, although the revolutions were more often organized by those people, not against them, and they never quite managed to get rid of them all, due primarily to their mastery of mind control.

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