Breaking The Law

It’s hard for those of us who are awake to even believe the compliance of the willfully ignorant, brainwashed, mind controlled sheep in the face of such a vicious attack as what we’re seeing.

I tried talking to one of them yesterday at a small protest in my small town. I listed a bunch of proven facts that questioned the covid narrative.

I said that during SARS in Australia, corporations could be fined $110,000 if they said masks worked to prevent you getting SARS, because they don’t.

It was in the Sydney Morning Herald, the article was called Farce Mask, It’s Only Good For Twenty Minutes. It gets wet and then the moisture particles go through it, like the air does anyway.

I talked about how the CNN “doctor” Leanna Wen said on CNN that cloth masks were useless face decorations, not appropriate for this pandemic, because covid is airborne, which was what the “other side” had been saying the whole time.

I talked about the nearly 100,000 confirmed serious adverse events reported to the TGA in Australia alone and how they’re beginning to pay out claims to injuries from this covid injection, which is still emergency use authorized.

How Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology was banned from Twitter for saying that children were much more likely to die than be saved by these deadly and useless injections.

All he said was “yeah, I don’t believe that”. I didn’t bother saying anything, but what I was thinking was you don’t get to disbelieve proven facts you idiot, you are now complicit in crimes against humanity.

I hold all of them to be not just ignorant, deluded, misinformed, brainwashed and stupid. I hold them personally responsible for these crimes against humanity, even if indirectly because they won’t even accept proven facts.

I don’t aim to start a war with them, however I have no respect for them, and if they were to die in a war because they put themselves in the firing line with that kind of attitude, they would deserve to die.

Bill Gates told you he was planning on reducing the population, (or maybe the population growth rate) by ten to fifteen percent with vaccines in his talk about climate change.

He called the vaccine the final solution, and we told you by the millions it would be the most dangerous “vaccine” in the history of humanity before it was released, because he told you it would be, if you had the ability to hear him say it.

It is a very well planned totalitarian takeover of the world, they made the virus in the lab and released it on purpose, had all the media and government in their pocket and on board with their plan.

If people don’t stop them, we will be living in a dystopian science fiction nightmare akin to 1984, Brave New World, The Matrix, Terminator, Soylent Green, and They Live.

But I’ve seen these people, and not only do they not want to be free, they actively vilify those of us who are fighting against this tyranny, this genocide.

Like I said, I hold them responsible, I don’t care what mind control techniques the authorities admitted to using to make them into these docile, retarded slaves.

They are the enemy of humanity, even an enemy to themselves, and I hope the death shot kills them so we don’t have to, because we might have to.

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