A War On You: Starving The Peasants

The latest episode of The High Wire takes a detour from the usual subject, (how they’re trying to kill us with biological and chemical weapons), and looks into one of the other methods of genocide.

It’s getting a bit obvious now, with planes crashing into food plants, along with multiple fires which were so obvious it required a Snopes fact check to tell you it wasn’t obvious.

I wonder who could be quickly changing the search results so that the news reader with highest ratings got censored as he tells us how they’re destroying our food supply on purpose.

Tucker Carlson detailed dozens of separate incidents including an avian flu outbreak and 120,000 pounds of beef recalled due to suspected e. coli.

Given at the same time the Chinese are digging up vegetables because they tested positive for covid while they scream out their window why are you starving us to death, it’s just a little too blatant.

I can’t say for sure this will result in people starving to death, but the expert cattle farmer of five generations who was on The High Wire said there’s a crisis and the government are causing it.

Hundreds of millions of people in America alone, and it seems like literally nobody has really woken up to how serious it is yet.

The same thing is happening all over the world, and it already starved millions to death in the third world, and I could look for all the examples but you know it’s happening if you been paying attention.

It’s part of the UN’s agenda 21 plot forcing absolute dependence on the government, leading to slavery and population control.

While they’re murdering people with big pharma products along with the usual forever wars to make weapons profits, they have now created what has been dubbed an official ministry of truth.

They have a freaky weirdo singing an original broadway musical number about how she’s screwing over the American people, silencing their speech as the elites starve and poison them to death.

The point Tucker made about that was no, you can’t do that. It’s illegal, the first amendment says Americans get free speech, and if you try to silence the other side of politics for reporting what is literally genocide, a war on us, the people, the second amendment is for killing those treasonous, traitorous scum.

There is such a normalcy bias that the only people getting shot are falsely accused “white supremacists” who were actually just random white people shot by some black guy on crack who watched too much CNN.

The general consensus of Americans is if some guy breaks into your house for any reason, you can and even should shoot them, but they haven’t even tried to kill the mass murdering scum guilty of killing millions on record who are right now very obviously trying to kill everyone, as reported by millions.

Almost everyone on the “good side” or in the freedom movement has been accused of being controlled opposition, and this is true, it’s a matter of how true it is, because they all get paid from the top. While Elon might be the richest man on paper, he’s not really the top of the power pyramid from what I can tell.

I said as much on a comment on an Alex Jones video about Satan and his globalist minions.

You can’t just leave it up to God’s wrath, you wouldn’t say that with a crack head who broke into your house, and these people are literally ten million times worse, and that’s if he was a killer.

What you need to do is surround yourself with those who understand that they are actually killing us, and that requires an actual response in self defense, and it’s entirely legally justified self defense if the police won’t stop these direct attempts on our lives.

I think a lot of people assume that if you threaten to kill someone you can be charged with a crime like incitement, but not if it’s self defense, and check out that weirdo literally holding a skull, he literally said what to do with all these useless people and that’s Klaus Schwab’s right hand man.

Buy a book on Amazon.

The requirement is that you believe they’re trying to kill you, and if they are censoring free speech about how they’re trying to kill us, while they’re obviously trying to kill us, that in itself is enough to warrant self defense, and it is literally a crime by them.

Police, you better enforce the law, which means arresting these people, or perhaps like us, you will have no choice but to kill them because they captured the judges and court system.

Get your fellow policemen on board with real law and order because when people begin to really start dying, of starvation, heart attacks, bullets or biological weapons, you will be held accountable yourself if you don’t do your job and serve the people.

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