How Many Times Did They Tell People The Plan In Advance?

It’s hard to really count all the times they told you their plan of taking over the world through medical tyranny, but I’ll try to list some of the times I heard something along those lines.

It’s not exactly proof, and you could argue that it was just talking about any virus, but even if it was any virus, they still talked about the specific, unusual lengths they would go to. To “control” it, or to control people.

The earliest pre programming I heard was in the “fiction novel” written by Boris Johnson’s father in The Virus, the book that he wrote about a conspiracy of evil bastards trying to take over the world with a virus.

People don’t often get books published, the subject matter they write about is very rarely that specific, and it’s enough to make you think, considering it’s Boris Johnson’s father.

Boris just married a woman in a Satanic sex cult or who was in some Satanic themed porn movie or something like that. Not exactly proof of anything, but it does make you think.

It’s also enough to make you think when I heard a guy talk about what he heard from an insider who was at a Freemasons meeting in the UK who said that China would “catch a cold” and going back a long time they had this plan he said.

They also said there would be a war started by China against the US or Israel against Iran, then it would go nuclear or something like that, and wipe out half the world’s population.

Then there was the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and international development in 2010, which talked about face masks and temperature checks, for a virus that increased the power of governments around the world even after it was gone.

Bill Gates TED talk Innovating to Zero, where he said the population would be reduced by ten to fifteen percent if they did a really good job on health care and new vaccines.

The UK TV show Utopia was about an evil World Health Organization who released biological weapons on purpose to sterilize and exterminate people with vaccines.

Then there was Rik Mayal’s last movie One By One, which was about the new world order trying to get rid of population due to climate change.

V is for Vendetta was set in 2020 and was about a totalitarian government who took control with a virus.

There was the announcement that there will be a “surprise outbreak” by Fauci, at around the same time as the Johns Hopkins SPARS 2025-2028 scenario was released in 2017.

There was Kovid, the Project Runway fashion designer who made a dress with a mask, and had a website called They said it was a sick design.

Then there was event 201 and crimson contagion which laid out all the measures they would use for a fictional coronavirus that took over the world, social distancing, masks, vaccines, etc.

The WHO’s world at risk report that talked about a simulation of a deliberate release of a deadly respiratory pathogen from about the same time, just before they released the virus.

This is, if the virus even exists at all, because with that level of control of the media that they could put out all these movies, TV shows, books, news articles, fashion designs they could tell people anything.

They could probably just make up that anyone had it, rather than having the flu, and they did do that, with faulty PCR tests, that were cycled too many times to give false positives, at least for the vast majority of the time, if not the whole time.

They have heart attack guns, directed energy weapons, they have various methods of poisoning people and also brainwashing them.

The virus might not even exist at all, but if it does, then they made it, and released it on purpose, and told you that they were going to, or at least how they were going to deal with it to take over the world through medical tyranny.

They told you why they were doing it, reducing the population, more money and power for them, creating a one world government.

A great reset, a new world order, order out of chaos, the motto of the Luciferian Freemasons.

The thing is that even with me laying out all the ways in which they told you they planned it, going back decades, it doesn’t convince people who don’t want to know.

Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner just happened to pay twice the asking price for a property with the address 666 while he makes the 666 hand signs.

They simply don’t want to believe it, because it doesn’t make them feel good, and they already had it set in their mind that you can’t fight the power, so there’s no point worrying about it and making yourself feel bad.

Well, if they deny that it is true, they’re willfully ignorant, and because of their mindset that you can’t stop totalitarian psychopaths who attack the world with biological weapons indiscriminately, they are themselves a threat to everyone in the world.

You see if they were honest, they would accept that if they knew, or accepted the truth, most people don’t want to allow these people to have absolute control of every aspect of our lives.

Particularly not if they committed pre meditated, indiscriminate mass murder with biological weapons and are psychopath criminals trying to kill virtually everyone on earth and they told you they were.

Keep taking credit for Operation Warp Speed Trump. You know your followers would still love you if you shot a guy dead in the street, wouldn’t they?

Satanic pedophiles do run the world, and you can’t trust the plan unless you make one to counter theirs, which always was just continuing to be mass murdering, drug dealing, pedophile fascist bastards, continually getting worse and worse if they’re allowed to get away with it.

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2 thoughts on “How Many Times Did They Tell People The Plan In Advance?

    1. It is fascism because it’s an authoritarian government controlled by the corporations over government, rather than the government over corporations. Communism is where the state seizes control of the means of production, but it’s a bit of both.


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