Fascist/Communist World Takeover Discussed On Fox News

Mussolini and Hitler talking fascism

This is a former Clinton advisor coming on the Tucker Carlson show to break her silence about what she sees as a takeover from the playbook of Italian fascists from the twenties.

It’s also very similar to the tactics used by Mao, or Hitler, or Stalin, it’s a general totalitarian dictatorship, openly declared.

The Canadian prime minister said when asked which country he admired the most, he said the “basic dictatorship” of China.

Joe Biden said that the death camps in China, the genocide of the Uighur and other religious groups were just a cultural difference.

This while those two and thousands of world leaders and politicians and media personalities and rich elites are using the phrase build back better.

They are doing a great reset of capitalism to turn it into a Chinese style dictatorship for the world, perhaps with a more environmentally sustainable system as the selling point.

The thing about World Economic Forum head Klaus Schwab and his book Covid 19 The Great Reset, is that he isn’t acting alone.

That collective group in Davos has some of the most powerful people in the world, and he introduced Xi Jinping to give a speech to the WEF in which he talked about global cooperation. One world government.

Almost in every country in the world we have seen totalitarian oppression coming about based on a virus, which was the set up for lock step from the Rockerfeller Foundation’s 2010 document.

They been planning this a long time, and perhaps it was inevitable to some degree, or is it? Is it just because they want more money and power for themselves?

I’ve talked before about the damage to the world’s environment caused by overpopulation, I’ve talked about the problems with capitalism, but I’ve also talked about the extreme psychopathy and greed of the people who seek and find power.

I think it’s fair to say now that it’s not just another flu season, many people think that if the virus exists at all, they made it in the Wuhan lab on purpose for this very reason.

That was what I said from the start, and I’ve had no reason at all to take back anything I’ve said about them, in fact I was proven right over and over again like many other “conspiracy theorists“.

So what do I think will happen? They will kill the old and sick and anyone who speaks out against them while pretending they died naturally, or of covid complications.

They will consolidate power and remove the middle class, make everyone working class except them, you will own nothing and you will be happy.

They will limit resources even to the point of not being able to eat meat, except as a rare treat, and because people are easily brainwashed and want to believe it’s “for their safety” or “for the good of the planet” there will most probably not be a successful violent revolution even if they actually build massive death camps like China, all over the world.

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