Standing Up To Tyranny

Here a random woman in the crowd at a Justin Trudeau propaganda session called him a traitor to the globalists and suggested he should hang.

This is actually what over half the people are thinking, if they have any brains. Here he’s saying “regardless of the fact we’re attacking your fundamental rights, we’re gonna go ahead and do it.”

Somebody told me this was taken out of context because he was saying that’s not a great thing to have in the charter.

That is exactly what he did though, which is evident from many other speeches he made.

He said he admires China and thinks their basic dictatorship is great for getting things done, like switching to solar energy.

This isn’t like that though, and last time I checked they said solar panels use more Co2 to make and get set up than burning coal, at least for the first few years.

Not exactly justification for a totalitarian dictatorship, and it’s even less justification when you attack the world with biological weapons, ban the cure, and try to forcibly poison people with dangerous experimental “vaccines” that don’t work.

The truth about vaccine passports is they are the beginning of a social credit score digital identity system that was planned for years, ID2020, and it’s an intolerable crime against humanity for forcing people to take this poison, but it won’t end there.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum brags he has countless puppets all over the world in politics, media, regulatory bodies, celebrities, even religious leaders.

This is however only useful if the people do what they tell them, and if they actually figure out what’s really going on here, I think they’ll be lucky to survive.

They are on video and in documents explaining in their own words what they were going to do, in great detail.

Millions have figured it out, the information spread across the internet like wildfire, and those who were open to hearing it understood what they did immediately, or in a matter of weeks.

The people who haven’t, they fall into two categories, or two that matter to me. Those who can be convinced that the way forward is to join the resistance and prevent the globalists enslaving the world.

Then there are those who will defend everything they do, no matter how evil it appears, who are indistinguishable from the enemy and could even be working for them directly.

I went to my local bottle shop this morning to buy a pack of smokes, and since the totalitarian regime I live in had decried that everyone is required to wear masks indoors recently, I was expecting to have a long argument.

But with this particular woman, she just served me, and there was no problem, and that’s how simple it is, you just don’t have to go along with their horrific totalitarian crap.

It’s not quite that simple in some parts, but what it comes down to is if the people decide they’re not going to put up with it, because it’s entirely criminal, then they will just have to do whatever has to be done.

The hardest part of that is with so many people who see these increasingly obvious crimes against humanity, everyone thinks somebody else is going to deal with it, but it’s going to take all of us giving it everything we got to win this war.

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