The Holocaust Hoax Explained

By the time they falsely claimed Hitler had killed six million Jews in the aftermath of world war two, they had already claimed that exact number had been killed in 1919 and 1906 in the New York Times and other places.

Why six million, was it just a number they pulled out of thin air?

No, it’s a relevant number because of the founding member of Sabbatean Frankism, (basically Satanism), Sabbatai Zevi, who was believed to be the messiah, and the messianic age was said to have begun in 1666.

So according to this, there were six million Jews in all of Europe at the time. By any accounts, they lied about the number of Jews killed, without question yet even with a lie that obvious, people are jailed in some countries for even questioning the number.

It was said they would conquer the world without bloodshed, the Messiah would lead the Ten Lost Tribes back to the Holy Land, “riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in its jaws”.

According to some interpretations of Revelations, the seven headed dragon with ten crowns is thought to mean the demonic and powerful authority of the state.

As I’ve explained before, the Sabbatean Frankist philosophy is basically to be as evil as possible, break all the commandments, because this brings power, and they have the justification and duty to be evil and ruthless, so they can take over the world, because they’re the chosen ones, etc.

6 million Jews killed by the Nazis, are you sure you want to stick to that story?

In this context, not only can you see how it was possible for them to fake the holocaust with the media already owned by the Rothschilds and friends, but you can also see why the Germans hated these “Jews” so much in the first place, which was actually quite reasonable.

I want to again say that it’s not all Jews, there were many who thoroughly denounced Zevi and Frank, and their perverted rituals involving sexual depravity, pedophilia, torture, ritual murder and so on, but it was about half of them, including the Rothschilds, who were involved, or brainwashed into this Zionist plot.

The worst part about this hoax is while there’s no way six million Jews died, around 75 million people did die in that war alone, and communism was a Jewish idea from the start.

It’s about half the West, or even half the world who have been brainwashed with this Satanic Hollywood cultural Marxism and modern feminist society destroying garbage, and I say that because I know it’s true, but I’m not exactly sure where it begins or where it ends because it’s so pervasive.

I’m not going to spend all that much time trying to prove it, the same people just blew up Nordstream 2 and blamed the Russians, and when I say the same people, it was of course the Americans, who have long since had virtually their whole government captured by these Satanic scum like most of the world.

I guarantee that no matter how much proof I gave you, there would be those who would still call me an antisemitic liar, and then there would be millions of others who didn’t even need to read this post to be convinced, even if they’d seen no evidence of that particular scam, at all.

If you are interested, you can do searches on alternative social media sites and video publishing platforms, but I think most people who read these posts know that the media are liars, history is written by the victors, and the victors are in fact the worst war criminals in history.

I’m sure many will say but Hitler was a eugenicist, he euthanized disabled people and all of that, but first, are you sure he did, and second, where do you think he got that idea from if he was doing that?

The American Eugenics society, supported by the Rockerfellers, (old friends of the Rothschilds), a philosophy originating from Malthus, in England.

A couple of people told me after reading my last post that I shouldn’t discourage people from wearing swastika arm bands and getting ready to carry out the final solution again, and get it right this time. I don’t entirely disagree, but it sounds like a set up. Watch out for Jews in Nazi uniforms, because they’re definitely around.

Many have made the accusation that Hitler was in fact secretly involved in this Satanic Malthusian Zionist plot which ended up being quite instrumental in forming the state of Israel, which the Rothschilds take credit for.

However, from the new perspective of truth that millions have uncovered, there’s not many who still think the real truth was ever told by the Jewish media, or that the holocaust was unprovoked, if it even happened to any degree, at all.

By the way the word holocaust was never used before WW2 to mean anything other than a burnt sacrifice of animals. That’s not my definition, it’s theirs.

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One thought on “The Holocaust Hoax Explained

  1. Why pick on overseas holocaust when we had our own in the America’s and wiped out a whole culture of natives and left the survivors in reservations to this day.
    Thats on top of the torturous treatment of imported slaves to build the capitals of most American governments. From the Northern to Southern tip of the hemisphere. So called holocaust is chump change in comparison.

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