Is The World Doomed To Destruction?

Six points, six sides, six triangles.

Russell Brand made a big deal about hitting six million subscribers recently, which he didn’t make for five million, or any other number, because it seems like it’s a special number for the illuminati like 33.

I tried to leave a comment and it got deleted by YouTube, so the comment I ended up leaving was something like I’ll give you a clue who’s deleting my comments, it rhymes with clue, and it’s not true, but it has something to do with six million.

You might make all sorts of excuses for the hand signs and the bad taste tweets, but after you see it a few thousand times, you’ll realize it’s not a trend, it’s a cult, or a secret society, and if they don’t seem evil based on this, then what can I say?

Most people wouldn’t focus on that part, even after seeing the 33 tattooed to his arm, and on his shirt, on his profile pic, etc. In my view it’s important to recognize that he is as controlled as Avi Yemeni, or Alex Jones, before blindly trusting what he has to say, which you might find is reasonably good information regardless.

As the guy from High Impact Flix was saying, he’s pretty sure Joe Rogan is controlled by the CIA, or probably has some sort of connections to a data analytics network of IIA psychological operations or something, however that doesn’t mean if he says two plus two equals four, that means it isn’t true.

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it they say. For me, I just never got a full time job, but I was very lucky to be able to do that.

What he’s saying in this video is fairly true, these war criminals are war criminals, and you can’t even say Ivermectin is approved as a treatment on the FDA’s site without being censored, even if you’re Russell Brand, even though it is there, but only approved in ongoing studies that will never be finished.

If you were to give him the benefit of the doubt, then he’s trying to tell the truth in an unbiased but critical way that relies fairly strongly on mainstream sources, so as not to be labelled a conspiracy theorist and which still does a pretty good job of waking up the sleepers to corruption.

If you were going to look at him in a suspicious way, then covid might not even exist at all and he might be in the first level of information gatekeepers under the corporate media.

Placed there to be the lab leak, Ivermectin side of the controlled opposition to back up the idea that there is a new virus that needs treatment, and it’s not just the flu, if that even exists either.

I still haven’t come to a firm conclusion about whether covid exists or not, it’s definitely mostly fake, faulty tests, media hype, etc.

I lean towards the idea that some viruses probably exist somewhere, and maybe not this one, but if it does then they gave you the information a little too easily that they made it in the lab and released it on purpose.

I’m completely convinced this guy is a mass murdering psychopath, a smiling killer, a monster of the likes seldom seen in all of history. People like him have justifications they tell themselves about limited resources, millions starving to death if they aren’t culled like deer, but he likes killing people because he’s evil.

As far as I can tell from what isn’t even alternative media but fairly mainstream news, Bill Gates lowered fertility rates and birth rates by around ten to fifteen percent, hence lowering the population growth rate by that amount, like he said he would in his 2010 TED talk.

I knew he definitely meant he would sterilize or exterminate people with new vaccines to reduce Co2, when I saw Melinda Gates at a conference on population control talking about the HCG vaccine against pregnancy made by Pfizer which she would bring to the African women so they wouldn’t have to walk fifteen miles to get sterilized.

Trust me, the amount of people who actually listened to me in the beginning about the substantial proof I had that they had already sterilized millions against their will or without their knowledge in Kenya, Nicaragua, and the Philippines was a very small number, but it did grow over time.

It could have been because I was calling him the antichrist like most of the others in that small group who knew, even though I’m not even religious, and I didn’t mean literally the antichrist, I just meant evil murdering bastard, but people heard some fundamentalist language and wrote it off as crazy.

Even now that it’s done, due to the fact the WEF brag about manipulating Google search results because they own the science and want people to know it, (about climate change now), most people aren’t aware that he did in fact reduce the population growth rate by ten to fifteen percent exactly like he said he would.

Look at the nose on that creature. Do not suffer a witch to live. It really doesn’t take a whole lot of intelligence to see if they own the science and they’re the same people who planned 9/11, planned the covid response at event 201, lied about Saddam and Al Qaeda, lied about dealing the drugs while having zero tolerance for them, then they’re probably lying about climate change too.

The initial Moderna trials, he was on mainstream news saying 80% of the test subjects experienced side effects, and I think you might find there’s a legal reason why he had to tell you that 700,000 in the world were going to have side effects, but that’s so vague, it’s hard to prove he said anything.

Did he know that would just be the number of serious side effects or even just the deaths? There’s been well over a million adverse events reported to VAERS which is probably vastly under counted, but obviously if you see over a million VAERS reports you pull the damn shot, and experts have said they should do that, not that anyone’s taking the boosters anymore.

Anyway, that part of it is practically over now, or the stated objective of lowering the population growth rate by 10-15% has been achieved, (unless he meant the total world population), not that the vast majority of people know that it has, or even know that he said he would do that in the first place.

The next important scam to keep an eye out for is programmable central bank digital currencies and IDs. Their objective if they can’t sterilize and exterminate us is to control every aspect of every single thing we do.

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Maybe people didn’t get it at the time when I said we should be cutting them to pieces with a goddamn chainsaw, if that weapon would work on vampires and not zombies.

I can’t really blame them, they haven’t seen the full horror of what they’re going to do once they silence all independent voices and for that matter neither have I, but I did predict the last two years reasonably well along with millions of others.

We have seen what they have been able to do so far, because all these world leaders work directly for Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum, the bankers, like almost all of these world leaders are all in one big club.

They’re all trying to implement this totalitarian Chinese style communist dictatorship, (fascist if you prefer), and they’re all legitimately evil.

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