Facebook Bans All Information About Vaccine Side Effects

As I mentioned in my last post, the fact checkers partially paid for by Facebook, Google, Bill Gates, George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party said quite clearly that the NIH funded the Wuhan lab to do research on gain of function on coronaviruses from bats.

The fact check was about the amount of money, $600,000, instead of the 3.7 million that was stated, which went to the EcoHealth company, and then they paid the smaller amount to the Wuhan lab to make the virus. That’s all it took to make it.

I am of course making the logical leap that if they paid the money to work on gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, which they admitted, then maybe, just maybe, the coronavirus that took over the world, which was predicted a couple of months before it happened in Event 201, was made on purpose in the lab by them.

I’m not even going to continue trying to convince anyone of that who doesn’t get it, but the first thing they say on this Facebook blog post which says they seek to censor any information about real vaccine side effects is that it’s a false claim that covid is man made or manufactured.

The second claim is that vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are meant to protect against. The flu shot doesn’t work over half the time, it never stops the flu, and it paid out billions in compensation to injured victims for that one shot alone.

It kills people, killed thousands of people, injured a lot more than that. That’s just one vaccine, and so that claim is also highly suspicious.

Then it says it’s false that it’s safer to get the disease than get the vaccine, when if you are a young person, that’s true, immediately, already killed or injured more people per capita with the covid vaccine in young people, they haven’t tested it on kids yet.

It’s still in stage three trials. Transverse myelitis, immune disorders, bell’s palsy, neurological conditions and death, thousands of deaths already. Old people die from covid and Fauci said it doesn’t stop transmission.

Next is the “false” claim that vaccines are toxic, dangerous, or cause autism. It’s a toxin designed to produce an immune response, almost every ingredient is a poison that will kill you in large enough amounts, and it does cause “autism” or it has encephalitis, swelling of the brain listed on the insert.

You can get an allergic reaction or catch the live virus that’s in the vaccine sometimes and get sick from it which has the same effect as getting measles, because it is the measles, mumps rubella, or perhaps all of them at once.

So, when Facebook are saying they’re going to remove all posts about “vaccine misinformation” what they are effectively saying is they’re a bunch of lying reptilian weasels trying to sterilize or exterminate you while they cover it up.

This is because Mark Zuckerberg has four billion dollars invested in vaccines, which stands to make him eighty billion dollars at a twenty to one return on investment and he said he was giving it away in the “giving pledge” of Bill Gates.

It’s about that simple, but I’m sure he’s also into the whole save the planet from Co2 by reducing the population thing of Bill’s, I’m sure he’s in on the whole turn the world into China thing.

What he has announced to you is big pharma companies will be lying to you, covering up the side effects of their products, doing tests on you with experimental vaccines, lying about how many people died, and you just have to accept it, or you will get thrown off Facebook.

My basic reaction to this is we have to do something about these people, which is what I was saying from day one. I said day one, before I heard anything about the “conspiracy theory” they made this virus in a lab to sell the vaccine. Because I knew who they are, and they keep living up to their reputation.

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