How Angry Should You Be?

It’s a reasonable question to ask yourself, how angry should you be, or should you not be angry at all?

When I was just starting to get into this topic, opposing the new world order, people said I was addicted to conspiracy theories and even proposed I get help for my mental disorder.

I responded to that by not going to a psychologist, and pointing out that these people were viciously attacking the world and trying to take all freedoms, and it’s not a normal time.

It’s a time when massive protesting crowds push through police lines trying to stop them from shopping for food because they won’t take an experimental poison that killed a hundred thousand people or more, reportedly, and it doesn’t even work.

We’re at war, it is mostly a psychological war, but if the people as a whole don’t push for freedom, our freedoms will be taken away to the degree to which we allow them to be taken.

Sorry I keep linking to Facebook and YouTube and mainstream media and Amazon and stuff, but I think that even if they’ve fallen to the enemy, we will take them back, even if we have to take them back by force, because it’s not really their site.

The banks aren’t really their banks, the government isn’t really their government, it’s all ours, all of it. I have the indigenous attitude that nobody owns the land, and it cannot be owned, not to that degree anyway.

That might seem hard at first, but I’ve seen the crowds of people grow from hundreds, to thousands, to hundreds of thousands, to millions, protesting for freedom, or to end persecution, or express frustration at tyranny.

I’ve seen it go overboard in the case of the Antifa/BLM protests, burning down police stations, but I actually think that in some cases their violent outbursts are somewhat justified, most people just can’t understand their perspective.

They literally live in cities that look like a scene from The Walking Dead, with tents on the sidewalk for miles, and police who are only ever seen as the enemy.

It’s a vaguely similar situation that the unmasked, un-vaccinated, anti lockdown people face in the same places, at the same time, jailed for even speaking about freedom, literally. In Australia they call it incitement, to go outside your house.

It’s a different kind of freedom, maybe the opposite kind, but you know, there’s clear inequality, injustice and hypocrisy in both situations and if those people stopped fighting each other and fought the government and the elites, they could actually win or at least improve things a little for everyone.

In America you have the divisive right versus left debate but even there, people are starting to realize that there’s not much difference between either side of politics, and the elites in charge are simply criminals, who don’t get arrested.

Biden just said he would make it mandatory to get vaccinated in 100 million government jobs, no matter what their medical history, and ignoring the fact that many of them had covid and recovered meaning they already have better immunity than the vaccine.

I don’t want to say that we have to actually go to war, a real war with weapons against them, but they seem to be pushing for war, no matter what, or putting intolerable pressure on almost everyone but themselves.

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They seem to be pushing people to the limit of what they can or will put up with, even provoking war with their own people on purpose, perhaps to reduce the population as part of their ongoing eugenics programs.

If that is the case, I would advise you try to win the war, rather than lose it, if it’s inevitably going to happen.

Just be sure you know who the enemy is, and why, and think hard, but don’t think too hard, just do the right thing, whatever that is to you.

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