Day One Of The Freedom Convoy To Canberra Protests

This is a three hour live stream of the freedom convoy to Canberra, the capitol city of Australia, by Reignite Democracy Australia.

I got a few different variations of the same thing if you want to see something a bit shorter or from a different angle.

They were chanting sack them all, sack them all, along with the usual protest chants, like you serve us, you serve us, what do we want? Freedom! When do we want it? Now!

Here’s a video on my Odysee channel with a rock song, (don’t know the name of it), accompanying the trucks beginning to roll into town, and it is just beginning.

This one was in the suggestions next to that video, it’s about a minute long, showing a few important scenes from the day.

Here’s a long video from MMAMV Australia, not sure what that stands for, but it has most of the same things from a different perspective.

Some loud honking from the trucks as they arrived in this short video, gives a bit of insight into the truck side of it.

Even the sky is not happy with the Australian government.

A bit more of the convoy, and some people cheering them on on overpasses yelling Ozzie, ozzie ozzie, oi oi oi and stuff like that.

The first video I saw today was Peter Little standing on the side of the road watching them come in, and it’s all good to see, but it hasn’t even really begun yet.

Dave Oneegs said in his speech he didn’t think there were enough people yet, that we have to wait until more people show up, and to be honest, I’m amazed so many people did turn up.

I only saw the online flyer the night before, and I shared it around thinking, first thing Monday morning tomorrow? Wow, I thought it would be next weekend.

But people haven’t got the patience to wait, many of them lost their jobs to the mandates, and they’re not going away until they get a result.

They’ll probably still be there this weekend, or many of them will be, the New Zealand one is scheduled for this weekend, on the sixth.

It’s a global thing, and it’s a bit like the every day protests in Victoria, all day, every day, doing what we can, as much as we can to push back until these bastards realize that we aren’t backing down.

I’d like to be there myself, but I don’t think they even let me leave my island of Tasmania, ever, for the rest of my life, I might be stuck here, if they don’t change.

The level of propaganda is such that most people say our troops fought for freedom, when they were actually fighting to enslave other countries to steal their resources for global corporations, the same ones now enslaving us.

I could be wrong, but that’s the impression I got about travel to Victoria or overseas without a vaccine passport, they went mental, and they haven’t calmed down from their psychotic nervous breakdown yet.

The people at the top need to be executed for their crimes, whether they are hung, or it’s a firing squad, a gas chamber, a lethal injection, that last one sounds fitting.

Klaus Schwab bragged that they captured half the Canadian parliament with their WEF Young Global Leader authoritarian psychopath training program, along with much of the rest of the world.

The same people who planned event 201, where they discussed the fact checking they would be doing of misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world two months later.

If you had trouble with me saying stuff like the ANZAC soldiers died because global elites wanted to make weapons profits by funding both sides of WW1 not because someone shot an archduke Ferdinand, you probably won’t get this.

Fact checkers and media and the WHO itself funded by Bill Gates who profits from vaccines, who got the Moderna coronavirus vaccine patent approved two weeks before they “discovered” the virus, and that kind of evidence goes on for miles.

It is completely clear, it’s rock solid proven they planned this plandemic and it seems they even wanted you to know that they did, strange as that sounds, because that’s how clearly they spelled it out.

In actual fact, it’s like they were saying please kill us if you can, we’re killing millions of you right now. Do you see how we’re killing you with this biological weapon we released from the Wuhan lab, and this kill shot?

Don’t you see how evil we are as we’re killing you like this, with the biological weapon we told you we were going to release before we did?

See the children we’re starving to death with lockdowns which tens of thousands of scientists said didn’t work and wasn’t necessary, as we ban the cure, aren’t we a sick evil bunch of scum?

It’s that obvious, and in fact the growing citizen pushback was part of the plan, which is over a decade old.

But just because they planned for us to get mad, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be angry or try to kill these killers for killing millions of “us” so obviously, blatantly and brutally.

My view is that “we” is a very relative term, but it’s all in the head. If the police and soldiers perceive themselves as aligned with the people, rather than real life Bond villains who plot to destroy the world, then the “we” would also include them, if they even know what’s going on.

If your house got broken into by a thief trying to steal the TV, many would say shoot them, but these scum killed millions of people and told you they did, but here’s why you probably won’t advocate shooting them:

They also told you they didn’t and made efforts to silence anyone who said anything that was deemed by them to be holding unacceptable views.

These people are boldly out in the open as psychopathic totalitarian monsters, I can’t see how it could possibly end with them still in the same position of power or even still alive.

The threat of force from our side must be real, or else it is nothing to them. These people are being called out as pedophiles and much, much worse and these issues can’t be ignored. Psychopath criminals are dangerous to everyone, obviously.

Protesting serves a purpose, but if they don’t bow to pressure for an investigation into these crimes, and this corruption, blatant and obvious as it is, then maybe war is the only answer and a war against the handful of people I’m actually talking about can be won.

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