Canada’s Totalitarian Thugs Trample A Woman With A Horse

It’s quite obvious when you see things like this that these totalitarian thugs are not working for the people, but against them, even to the point of trampling old ladies as they literally talk about peace, love and happiness.

Trudeau froze the bank accounts of protesters, and even threatened to kill their pets. He’s out of control, an absolute psychopath dictator.

There are some good cops, but when you see them following orders to do this, I can’t say they’re good people at that point. Totalitarian monsters get their power almost exclusively from police, but they have almost exactly that same power to stop them if they chose to.

He’s sent in the gestapo to shut down the protest, using emergency powers he had no right to enact.

Everything that he does is a slap in the face to democracy, freedom and justice. He’s accused of being a rapist, and a son of a whore who got pregnant to Fidel Castro.

There’s not really anything I can say to adequately describe how much of a danger it would be to let this man stay in power, and continue perpetrating these crimes against humanity.

Like his global counterparts he’s a puppet of the World Economic Forum who made it abundantly clear that they had planned this whole plandemic at the pre planning meeting they hosted just months before it started, event 201.

It’s important to keep reminding people of that because in my view it’s entirely proven that they either attacked the world with biological weapons or faked the whole thing through manipulation of the medical system and media.

It’s important to realize that even if they just made a mistake in thinking lockdowns would work, when a recent Johns Hopkins study said it only had a 0.2% overall effect in slowing the spread, that mistake alone killed millions of people.

It drove about a quarter of a billion people to the edge of starvation, living in abject poverty, and starving to death.

It didn’t work in stopping the virus, (even if it slowed it), which wasn’t all that bad anyway in comparison to a great depression and everything else.

There are some obvious mistakes people make when thinking about all this, like assuming that these things worked in any real way at all, when they didn’t, and the consequences caused more suffering in almost every case.

Masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, social distancing doesn’t work, the test doesn’t work, the vaccine doesn’t work, and if anything worked, they banned it, because their goal was never to save lives.

They attacked the world with biological weapons. People can’t fathom the evil we’re dealing with, so they keep falling back into the narrative crafted by the propaganda arm of the globalist totalitarian psychopaths.

Always have to remind people that the entire thing is a crime, a plot, a scam, a scheme, a manipulation, from start to finish, you do not violently trample old ladies with horses to save them from the flu.

You don’t do any of this stuff, or you shouldn’t ever allow it. It was immediately transparently obvious as a ridiculous overreaction, and the reason became clear soon after, this is the great reset.

To be clear, there were reports she died and I corrected the story on this post, and I’ll be talking about it some more in my next post, I heard she’s alive and recovering in hospital.

It’s hard to tell how many millions or billions they might try to genocide, but the people who think they’re saving us with all this crap, I’ve definitely lost any patience I had left.

I’m viewing their willful ignorance in the face of crimes like these as almost as dangerous as the monsters who planned the attack.

I always favor whatever causes the least suffering for all creatures, however I don’t see how that could be achieved by allowing these people to get away with these crimes against humanity. Trudeau has to go.

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