How Do You Cull The Human Herd Of Useless Eaters?

Nothing to see here, just a black guy doing a rap video mentioning the Tuskegee experiment where they injected syphilis into black people or gave them the wrong treatments on purpose, cutting down a eugenics tree, while one of them wears an upside down cross.

You can’t like the video, or dislike it, and the two comments on it, one was from a fake account, and one was from an anti Christian cult deprogramming channel.

They deleted my first comment, but the second one looks like it stuck, but in a similar way to Facebook’s brutal censorship of the truth, YouTube are shadow banning and changing the position of comments as well as terminating tons of accounts and videos especially from doctors and experts.

I know for a fact they have an algorithm that transcribes the words you say in the video, even text you put on screen in the video and flags it for “misinformation” if it says anything true, like vaccines kill people or even mentions the word war or genocide, even on a history channel.

Like the fact that the children who take this experimental shot will have a much higher chance of death and injury than if they didn’t take it, because almost none of them even got any symptoms at all from covid, let alone died from it in any real numbers, it was less than one in a million kids.

How many children did they kill with a vaccine that had more adverse events reported than all other vaccines for the last twenty years?

Well, they managed to get away with calling a whole bunch of vaccine deaths SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome, and they have various other tricks like that, so it’s hard to say.

The fact check says nobody knows because anyone could say anything to VAERS, or nothing at all, and they don’t say anything at all, 99% of the time, but the covid vaccine definitely killed more children than covid in the same time period because they’re spending billions on covering it up.

They knew that the vaccines had deadly poison in them that causes blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, neurological conditions, etc, before they even started making them.

Polysorbate 80 is known to cause blood clots and other serious problems, and vaccines generally were already known to have serious side effects including death, and it’s not even known how many died because they usually can’t prove it one way or another and they always lean towards more big pharma profits.

Don’t forget the luciferase, it’s as though they are trying to scare people off ever taking vaccines again, at the same time as they’re telling them they have to take them or else.

The plan might be to kill the people with the vaccines, and let it come out partially, and then switch it again, and kill the people who didn’t take all the “regular vaccines” with measles and polio and tetanus and pertussis which they will release on purpose, and then blame it on anti vaxxers again.

The reason why I’m so certain they’re trying to kill people is that they pretty much told you that they were, over and over again.

They don’t need money really, and they do lust for complete totalitarian power, but the nature of their evil plan seems to be mostly just wiping out as many people as possible, and they may even believe they have to do it to save the world from humans.

They’re insane eugenicist liars, it will come out, it already has, but it’s taking people far too long to wake up to their sick brainwashing.

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